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Seriously Doughnuts Photo-journalist and Music lover, Lumi Morgan recently had the opportunity to interview International Nigerian DJ, DJ Obi Ajuonuma. Who dj's out of Boston, Massachusetts and who just (5th of Sept) won the Nigerian Entertainment Award (NEA) for “World Best DJ”.

DJ Obi accepting his NEA Award
SD-Lumi- First off, congratulations on your NEA award for World Best DJ

DJ Obi- Thank you

SD- Lumi- what does this award mean to you?

DJ Obi -  It means a lot to me and my brand(Aj-Entertainment / DJ Obi), because it shows that people appreciate my craft. Also opens up more doors for me globally. The NEA voting process helped me generate a lot of publicity, so thanks to them there are many more people that know or at least have heard about Dj Obi.
SD- Lumi- How long have you been djing?
DJ Obi-  7 years
SD- Lumi- So how did u get started?

DJ Obi- I’ve always loved music and known that I wanted to do something involving music. I grew up around it; my father had a Saturday night radio show that hosted the best Nigerian DJs, so from being around that, djing came as second nature to me. So I made up my mind and went to the guitar center, bought my first set of dj equipment and the rest as they say is history.
DJ Obi with his idol - 'Diddy'
SD-Lumi- How has the journey been so far?
DJ Obi- It has been blessed, I really thank God for where he has put me and where my passion for music and djing has taken me, from house parties to college events to clubs and then weddings and even the opportunity to travel overseas to do what I love, I am blessed.
SD-Lumi- You must have worked in some really interesting places, care to share?
DJ Obi- Trust me, wetin I don use my eyes see and the places where this dj thing don carry me go.. LOL! it’s amazing. I’ve had the opportunity to play with artists on stage such as M.I, Naeto C, I opened for Lupe fiasco, worked with NEA 2011 best promoter TiwaWorks on his annual All black everything event in Lagos, even had the chance to meet my idol 'Diddy' a couple of times and he gave me a video drop that took my brand to the next level. There’re so many more but let’s move on. 
SD-Lumi- In your opinion how has the face of Nigerian music changed?
DJ Obi- Nigerian music has experienced this wave of young fresh talent from people that are hungry and want the success really bad, which I think is a good thing, it raises the bar and standard for our music industry and inspires Nigerian artists to work hard at what they do. Nigerian music has also witnessed some sort of global recognition, which will eventually blow up bigger and will become a household name all over the world 
SD-Lumi- what's your favorite genre of music to play? 
DJ Obi- I love all types of music, right now my favourite is house music, it has the energy I need when I play at my gigs and it mixes well with naija tunes.
SD-Lumi-- What should one expect, at an event that you are djing?
What words define your fashion and style?
"Simple, mature and classy. I wear what makes me
look good and feel comfortable"
DJ Obi- I love this question, I am a very versatile dj, my music library is very diverse, so I feel like when I am playing people should pull out their passports, cause I’m gonna take them on a musical journey around the world and that is what anyone that experiences DJ Obi at any event should expect. Come prepared to dance and sweat.
SD-Lumi-- Who are some of your biggest influences?
DJ Obi- DJ Jimmy Jatt (Nigeria), DJ AM, DJ F.X2 (Nigeria), DJ Neptunes (Nigeria) Danny Diggz, Black Coffee (South Africa)
SD-Lumi- This is Seriously Doughnuts and we're seriously mad about fashion and no interview would be complete without us asking what words define your fashion and style?  

DJ Obi- Simple, mature and classy. I wear what makes me look good and feel comfortable. 
SD-Lumi – So what is next for Dj Obi?
DJ Obi Just keep doing what I love and taking my brand(Aj-Entertainment / DJ Obi) to the next level, hopefully going into production and working on creating a stronger presence in Nigeria. 
SD- Lumi- Thank you for  the time with Seriously Doughnuts.
DJ Obi – Thank you.

The Nigerian entertainment industry has certainly come of age and we absolutely love it...Congratulations DJ Obi on your award....

Interviewer: Lumi Morgan

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