Sunday, September 4, 2011


I'm currently in Ibadan with my boys (hubby and sons) to spend some time with grandma and grandpa. So while out here, hubby and I thought to show the kids a good time, so off we went to Trans Amusement Park. My husband had always spoken fondly about having so much fun growing up in Ibadan and how often he went to the amusement park, all the fun rides, the food and all so much so that  even I was looking forward to going there  but deep down inside me I had a feeling that like everything else in Nigeria, it would probably be lying derelict, unused and mis-managed...

We arrived at the beautiful gates and I was pleasantly surprised but only for 2 minutes...

we walked in and my heart sank as I  saw tell tales of what once was great...Carcasses of rides and games that had since broken down and disintegrated. The electric bumper cars were completely knackered and were manually being pushed by kids..

Shockingly enough, amidst the rust and cranky wheels some of the rides still worked but from where we were standing it didn't look like an engineer had looked at them in years, there was absolutely no way that I would allow my children on any of them..

Hubby and I cringed as this ride came alive and people actually got on it even though the seats were completely torn and the whole thing looked rusty and dangerous. To me trans amusement park and the working cranky wheels are an accident waiting to happen..

Some bold children on the cranky wheel ride..

Our day out today ended up being a sight-seeing expedition  'cos there was absolutely nothing there to ride that looked safe.

These kids were unaccompanied as they walked up the slide...

Dangerous fun...with no shields to safeguard falling from the sides..
God help Nigeria...Oh!

All the toddler rides were out of service...Kaput!

Broken rides galore...

We were told to come back tomorrow to get on the Carousel horse ride as the generator was going to be switched off..not that we cared much...*hiss*

.....but the horse said "Run for your lives"...LOL!

I have to say though that the staff were nice but I felt sick to my bones that such a place with so much promise had been left to die a slow and painful death..We have a 'Zero-Maintenance' culture here in Nigeria...its really disheartening..The strange thing is you could almost see and feel how beautiful the place once was...What a shame!!!
By the way Trans Amusement Park is operated by Oyo's still open for business and we even paid a gate fee ...RIDICULOUS!
If there was any day that made me ask "Which way Nigeria?" it was today!!! It is so so sad that we just don't know how to take care of anything..let alone each other....What a waste!!!! Sometimes Nigeria really sucks!!! but how can we save this nation we so dearly love??? Nigeria! Nigeria! Nigeria!!!



  1. Ever heard the song by Idris - Nigeria Jaga-Jaga...Everything Scatter Scatter.

    Very sad sight indeed. Privatisation is definitely the way forward for this amusement park.

  2. awwwwww, I remember that place. I grew up in Ibadan and it was nice back in the days. I do agree with you that we have "zero maintenance culture" in Naija, hope that will change with our generation.

  3. So disheartening, really. Na wa o...

  4. Like Apapa Amusement Park? But, this is in Ibadan? Never knew there was one but i knew of the Zoo.

    Thank God for Disney World/Land, Epcot Centre, Six Flags, the Atlantis, Alton Towers etc. LOL!

  5. How sad! I do remember fun times @ this amusement park during the 5 or so years my family lived in Ibadan, when I was much younger. It's truly upsetting to see yet another "National Treasure" go to such shameful waste...

    On another note, I absolutely love your picture in the top banner/header - it's gorgeous!

  6. This is heartbreaking. I remember when I visited as a kid when it first opened...

  7. I think it was wrong of you to show the faces of other peoples children.

  8. @Zizi, it is right next to UI..very very close to UI.
    My last working memory of this place was about 10-13 years ago and even then, it was not a safe enough place.
    Matter of fact, I am surprised that the Molete Goons havent taken up residence there considering its vast space and stuff...
    Very very sad!


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