Sunday, February 13, 2011


SD: What is your name?
Tobs: My name is Turbi (His name is Tobi but for some reason he has always pronounced his name as Turbi as in ‘Turbo’...LOL!)
SD: Tobs, I need to ask you a few questions about how you feel about moving to’s for my blog
Tobs: Whats a blog?

SD: It’s where I write about different things I like for my friends to read
Tobs: Oh mummy I’m tired, I want to watch TV..
SD: It wont take long I promise..
Tobs: Okay Mummy you have five minutes..
SD: How old are you?
Tobs: I am 5years old
SD: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Tobs: Superman
SD: But that’s not a job!
Tobs: (Frowns) It is Mummy, it is...!
SD: So what do you think about Nigeria?
Tobs: I hate Naigiaa(Nigeria)..but I like it a little bit...
SD: Why do you hate Nigeria? 
Tobs: I dont like Naigiaa because, there are no Toy’R”Us, the cars are not shiny, they don’t look nice..everywhere is not nice..everywhere is not shiny...
SD: What do you mean everywhere is not nice?
Tobs: It looks nice a little bit but they need to decorate it..
SD: What do you like about England then?
Tobs: My house, my school, my cousins -Moyin and Opemipo,T-Baby, Debra, My friends Mofe and Mojola..England is nice..
SD: Have you made new friends at your new school?
Tobs: I don’t have friends yet. We are always working in school there is no time to find out names...School in Naigiaa is not to play..
SD: So are you saying you like everything about England? 
Tobs: Only one thing I don’t like is that It’s toooo cold!
SD: Then you must Like Nigeria cos its warm then..
Tobs: Naigiaa is not warm mummy, Naigiaaa is HOT, veyi  veyi makes me sweat..I don’t like to sweat.. (By Veyi, he means ‘Very’ I think we need to work hard on on our ‘r’ pronunciaion..I know..hee hee)
SD: But you are much happier have so many people looking after you, Grandmas and Grandpas..So many Aunties and Uncles..Look you’re smile more since we got here...
Tobs: Yes mummy..I like Naigiaa a little bit but England is the best...I have to go now...I said 5 mnutes...
SD: But it’s not 5 minutes yet ...
Tobs: No response ..smiles,waves as he walks away...


  1. awwww this is so sweet,his ur son right? I love the layout of your blog,nice and simple..lovely

  2. :) Yes he is my cutie..thanks so much for the kind feedback..

  3. He's so cute, Bolanle :)

  4. His adorable Bola, I can definitely identify with his points. In time he will forget all of that and become a Lagos boy.
    Anyway the English govn steals all our money jare, council tax, road, tv license .......... c'mon

  5. I can totally identify with his views. Ha! Ha!!

  6. Nice. The conversation kept me smiling all the way to the last word.

  7. love your little cute boy

  8. I'm 3 almost 4 year old son is also Tobi...Uncle T or Tobilicious we call him.....I identify with Tobi ojare, dis Nigeria is tooo hot..Lol!I also HATE to sweat, but what can we do?Nice blog BTW.


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