Friday, July 22, 2011


Jumai Shaba rocking a Chanel 2.5  toh it!!!
Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel gave the world more than the 'Little Black Dress' and 'Chanel No 5 Perfume', in fact she single handedly changed the landscape of fashion with an influential brand synonymous with pedigree and sophistication far from her own roots as a young child orphaned at an early age. To date her rags to riches story is one that remains an enigma to the world. Coco was revered as a design rebel who made designs inspired by men's wear work for women without losing femininity ..She just had a way of designing 'classic' pieces and was often quoted as the originator of the  legendary words "Fashion passes, style remains" and if indeed she took those words to heart perhaps she always aimed to make stylish pieces and as style is timeless, Coco gave the world 'possibly' the most 'timeless' piece of accessory ever 'a Chanel Handbag'.
Copied to death in all shapes colours and sizes that would make 'Coco' turn in her grave, Chanel bags are on the loose in a closet, on a shoulder or on a 'red carpet' near you ...By my guesstimation, there are probably 100 fake Chanel bags for every single original  piece out there, yet you cannot dispute that Chanel handbags remain the ultimate 'lust factor' for women. We just can't get enough of it...From Chanel quilted handbags to Chanel inspired pieces, this is not one fashion fad that will soon be gone.. Chanel handbags are stylishly timeless..
I'm particularly in love with the Chanel 2.5 bags in my opinion they are the ultimate 'Classic Chanel' piece (although they are the most faked too) but take a quick look at my funky lagos crowd, they love it all..!!! *Don't get it twisted my Lagos crowd can  afford the real thing ...

Me thinks dats a 2.5 tooo

Genevieve Nnaji...

Another it

Yes O  and another 2.5..

Ezinne Alfa  rocks hers on the red carpet

Ruth Osime rocking my fav...

This is real handy..will fit everything in this...

Nneka Okafor shows the back view of above bag

I'm liking Mariam Afolabi's tooo..  
Stephanie & Joan Ezeoba

Honest I wish every girl could have at least one Chanel our God-given right as a woman...Yes??? While we wait for the heavens to move for us..:D which is your favourite Chanel piece?


  1. Geni's one is my best but i've got too many box shaped bags n purse, so my second choice is Nneka's, then Ruth Osime n maybe Ezinne Alfa.
    As for d 2.5 it's every where n that's kinda boring especially for a pricey item

  2. ...and we can tell the fakes from the real deal.

  3. I wonder if have the babes in Naija know that they are rocking fake Chanel bags!

  4. lol @ the comments. Personally Nigerians flog every fashion trend to death. it gets irritating after a while.

  5. Another status quo brand and wanting to keep up with the joneses!

    The ones that buy the fakes ones, know they are fake!

  6. who is the woman in the red dress with a giant booty?

  7. i like all of them apart from genny's one it looks fake but i like the last girl's one best :)

  8. nevermind, almost all the ladies in the pictures are carrying good copies. plenty in guanghzou, china


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