Friday, July 1, 2011


I lost my Aunty T yesterday and I'm shattered beyond words! Her death was so unexpected, so rude and so deeply shocking but I find comfort in the way she lived and died. She walked the christian walk and was indeed an example to all of us that knew and loved her. She was not ill, she woke up as usual in the morning to say her prayers and after the last amen she gasped and died.. just like that!!!
As painful and shocking as her passing is, I can only describe it as the calling to glory of a saint and certainly enough assurance for me that her eternity with the Lord is assured. My selfish heart wishes she didn't have to leave us so soon but still my heart testifies that Aunty T finished well, that she is in the bosom of her maker, Our God. What a way to go and be with the Lord..
But her death has left me bewildered and faced with the reality of my own eternal destiny. Where will I be when God calls me home..?? Death is a debt we ALL must payback, whether young or old we will ALL die, we shed tears for the ones that are called before us like we were the lucky ones to still be alive...hmmm! indeed we're lucky to be alive not because we have escaped death but only because we have time to take steps to put our relationship with God in order and the sooner the better 'cos you just don't know when it'll be time to face our own music of glory in heaven or anguish in hell when death comes knocking..
'RIP' is a wish for our dearly departed but the truth is you alone can take the steps to ensure that indeed when you leave this world you really 'rest in peace', otherwise it's empty wishes that only comforts those left behind..I lost Aunty T but I'm blessed to know that  she lived her life for God, served him and died after her morning devotion so I know that she is indeed resting in peace...
Aunty T, my prayer today is that we all learn to love and serve God like you did..We will never forget your will  forever remain our testimony that indeed there is a God!
Adieu Aunty Taiwo!
Now I have to work out my salvation with Christ with fear and trembling...Hmmmm!
Help me oh Lord!
Help us ALL oh God!
Hear our cry Oh Lord!

...Bola Obileye..

PS: Seriously Doughnuts sends our deepest condolence to the family of GTB CEO,Tayo Aderinokun (8 May 1955-14 June 2011) as his funeral holds today in Lagos and also to Christy Essein Igbokwe's family on her passing to glory at 50 yesterday. May God comfort and hold your hands (like he is holding ours) through your loss..



  1. My prayers are with u n ur family

  2. My prayers are with you SD. I just lost someone a few days ago but I know that she is resting with Him. Take heart dear.

  3. May the Holyspirit comfort those she left behind.

  4. Bola, may you and all her loved ones be comforted. Be strong

  5. I Ozumba -MbadiweJuly 2, 2011 at 9:53 PM

    Sending you love and comfort xxx

  6. sorry about your aunt. May she RIP and God give you all the strength to bear the loss

  7. Thank you all so very kindly for your kind words and prayers..


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