Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Sneak Peek at TÓTÉ Collections Ankara and Leather Handbags- 'ANKARANISTA' by Bola Obileye

TÓTÉ Signature Ankara and Leather Box Bag
Hey peeps, my much talked about Ankara handbag collection shoot is finally done, dusted and ready for your viewing pleasure... There are way too many bags to show you (I'm learning to pace myself, I really get carried away sometimes) but before I carry on I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you all for your very kind words Re: Iro and Buba reloaded collection. Thanks to you guys and the Grace of God, I have decided to make Seriously Doughnuts and my design work with TÓTÉ  (and everything else I do on the side- I'll tell you later..LOL!) as my 9-5 job. It's a bit scary but I'm trusting God that I will be just fine...
I picked a few bags to show you from my debut collection just so you have a closer look at the bags and see how they have been lovingly made in our Lagos Studio. Honest there are no tricks here.What you see is what you get. The bags are excellently made. If it doesn't reach our very strict standards it doesn't leave the studio and best of all TÓTÉ bags shown here and on the TÓTÉ website are proudly made in Nigeria.. Go! Naija...LOL!
So, once again peeps, it is my singular pleasure to re-introduce you to "The Ankara-nista by TÓTÉ  Collections designed by Yours truly, Bola Obileye..

Epi-leather  and Ankara Bucket Girl Bag

My Girl Clutch (Bespoke)

The Ankara Tiwa Savage bag
(We'll tell you all about that too..)

Barrell Leather ( Bespoke)

Ankara Golden Girl with Fabu Ankara Neckpiece

Ankara and Leather Runaway Weekender

Silver Stush Ankara Chain Bag

Model: Face of TÓTÉ  - Rose
Makeup: Bolanle Feyita of Makeup Pro
Styling and Art Direction: Bola Obileye
Design: Bola Obileye for TÓTÉ Collections
Tel: 0816 599 4201 / 0802 411 3305
Photography: Anna 'Genius' Fayemi
Accessories: SD Boutique (coming soon)
Sinamay: Patrick Ayanski (first picture)

OK, so now that this is my 9-5 job expect the hard sell, LOL! 
TÓTÉ handbags are currently only available by calling me (stockists wanted..) and as most of my bags are made in very limited quantities, I may have to specially make up your bag if you place an order.Which should take no longer than a week to 2 weeks, that said we hold stock of certain items so please feel free to ask
It's official TÓTÉ is ready to rock and roll...!!!

Hope you like....

***Where To Buy***
19 Olosa Street
Victoria Island
(Olos Street is opposite Eko Hotel)

The Social Place
96 Awolowo Road
(Megacare Building)


  1. Really nice. Keep it up!

  2. They are all beautiful, I cant even choose a favourite. I want all. WOW! Speechless!

  3. Well done Bola, lovely designs, well made...i'm not really into the ankara craze but i love your bags.

  4. kudos to the model and photog

  5. very very lovely!i love i love i love!!

  6. well done...the bags are really r d accessories n model.

  7. WOW!!!!! They look very nice!!! I want the first one and the tiwa savage one too. lol. good job hun! :)

  8. I want some, but I'm all the way in Canada. How do I get them?

  9. Can we have the prices pleeaaaase, I hate that 99 percent of Naija designers never ever put up their prices.


  10. Jesus, i don't like ankara, however, these blew me away. The Tiwa Savage bag is to die for.....

    Prices please. Anon 7.33pm, touche!

    Beautiful models and concept.

  11. Lovely bags. I like that your bags are different and not all made with ankara material (not that i have anything against ankara!). Are they only available in Nigeria

  12. Gorgeous. Very elegant and classy. The question is do you ship to the US????

  13. Do you ship to Canada? Merci

  14. Wow! Thank you all so very much for your kind comments. What more motivation can a girl ask for? I appreciate you taking time out to drop a line.."Ese mo dupe"
    Answers to some questions raised;
    I'm currently speaking with a shipping partner for shipping to USA, Canada and beyond so should you wish to have your bags shipped out to you please email me and I can get your bags sent to you..hopefully DHL Nigeria won't be too pricey otherwise, I will seek an alternative arrangement.

    Re: Pricelist; The tricky business about producing in Nigeria is that, materials are always limited in supply, I tend to use 100% Italian leathers and my current supplier brings in the very best but once its gone, its gone and its back to the drawing board. This in itself makes it difficult to work with a fixed price list as often times design and materials may change due to stock issues. I love the new gold foil Ankara which I have been playing with a lot but even that is not produced in Nigeria and although I buy so much at a time, prices of goods in Nigeria are so volatile that you could shoot yourself in the foot when you pre-price before production.
    I'm thinking of the best way round this issue however for bags that are currently available off the shelf I will be happy to send you prices. Please kindly drop me an email at:
    So honestly on behalf of Naija Designers please understand that the problem with pricelists is that in Naija there are too many 'unkown' factors...
    Many thanks once again. You guys rock!

  15. As with everything you do this bags are excellent, classy and wow. Well done my darling expect my order soon. Tito Gbadamosi

  16. i am serious Bola...keep it up. your blog is so refreshing and i just want to encourage you to keep it up

  17. lovely bags...will def get me some when i come to naija..hope i can afford it tho.

  18. beautiful bags! I most definitely want...weldone Bola. you should be proud.

  19. Do you have a website that displays the bags in detail with prices?

  20. They truly have one of the best design bags on the market. Love it!

  21. Hi dearie, im stil pissed i couldnt get one of the bags at beauty and the feast. Keep up the good work and the rest of us are looking up to u o


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