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As announced, Banky W  was the host on the night
The first time I heard about 'Music Meets Runway' coming to Lagos, I was super excited..Designers and musicians to feature were announced and Amber Rose (Eccentric model and Kanye West's Ex-girlfriend) was billed  to Co-host with Banky W. Well that's what we all believed until Amber tweeted otherwise but in  fairness to the organisers, the wrong booking agent had apparently been paid and unfortunately Amber was not going to be coming to Nigeria. As if that wasn't bad enough Darey's team released a press release/disclaimer stating he would not be performing at the event as publicised by the organisers but as disappointing as it all sounded personally, I had a good feeling about the show and Seriously Doughnuts was going to be there regardless of all the drama ...

And guess what? It was well worth it.. Le Reve Events owned by Jennifer Olize ( daughter of veteran (Newsline) TV reporter/presenter, Frank Olize), certainly pulled off the event with little or no obvious glitches..(asides the really annoying African time start and Tiwa savage and Dotstar not performing)for a first time show it was quite good and even better it was super-packed!
There is sooo much we have to show you from the red carpet fashion to the collections showcased but I think we'll have to do this in phases but first a general pictorial run down and blow by blow account of what went down from 'SD eyes' on duty...

Stepping in the place of Amber Rose was the very curvaceous Beat FM Radio personality,
The first designer collection on the Runway was Vonne Couture with MoHits's

Viva La Resistance hit the Runway with music by Show Dem Camp
Toju Foyeh showed with music by Shank..
With a collection inspired by Benin City, Obsidian hit the runway with
Superstar, Wizkid
...he sounded more like "Oya, oya ask axe your mummy ...awon eleyi won badt gaan"!!Heee! Hee!
(but don't axe anyone ohhh!)
Meena showed her pieces with music by The Original Port Harcourt Dude
Duncan Mighty..
This outfit worn by STV presenter Vixen by Mimi (London) caught my eyes..I likey!
(Lookout for the outfit on our Red Carpet Feature)
Grey designs were showcased with music by Davido..it was his very first live
show...! He did goood....thumbs up!

Republic of Foreigner showcased its collection with music by MoHits, Dr Sid

Dr Sid's performance really made me feel like flying over the moon...
Pun intended..LOL!
He even did a serious gangaster 1-minute magic change of clothes for good measure..
Really cool performance...

Fashion, flesh, great hair and great legs were on display in abundance

VIP ticket holders sat pampered with drinks et al
The 'Not-so-VIP' ticket holders had fun too but without the table and drinks...who needs tables anyway..!!!

Toolz gave the audience an eyeful when she changed into this
pretty pink sequinned dress

As  you can imagine, the audience 'ooohed and aaahed'..over Toolz

Banky W described her as' 'The Most Endowed Woman in Nigeria'..
I'm sure you can see why...

Samsung Brand Ambassador, Sasha  gave a performance of her songs
followed by the Samsung theme song..Well..Samsung sponsored the event
so it was their party...

Super-hot Model Kevin made the ladies SCREAM...

You should have seen how ladies drooled  over him...OMG!
Girls can be soo shameless...LOL!

Ok Ok..I just had to make sure you guys had a complete view of the man we
now call 'Kevin the Buff'

But look who got to touch him up....TOOLZ!!!
Virgos Lounge showed its collection with music by Sound Sultan

Naeto C - The Only MC with an MSC performed while
Babushka showed its collection

Naeto C's performance was just amazing...

Not feeling the haircut though..

but his girlfriend gave him a 10/10...Shikena!

Are you thinking what am thinking? Would they make a cute couple?

Toolz ordered Banky W down the runway..

but he did the MJ move tooo

Event Organiser, Jennifer Olize of Le Reve noted that Music Meets Runway is
the first of more to come...Kudos we say!

Yes o! People certainly had a great time...

I spotted the Editor of One Nigerian Boy(wearing the blue t-shirt)...I love that blog!

WizKid returned to the runway with Tsemaye Binite

His sunglasses seemed glued to his face but....

Whooops! Wizkidz Raybans dropped on the runway....
But Superstar Wizkid carried on performing like nothing happened
but as fans approached to grab it..
Wizkid whispered to his dancer  Skales to get it just in time....
Trust me..awon eleyi won sharp gaan!!

These guys were just having tooo much fun

Wiz,Banky and dancer checking out  one of Tsemaye Binite's models 
As the curtains came down on the show..backstage folks ran out dancing on stage to celebrate a
fantastic evening...Well done guys!


Superstar Wizkid wore this star-studded  shoes

Dr Sid wore these rather smart shoes...I likey!

Banky W's....hmmmm!

Sound Sultan's gucci sturvs....
Photo Credit: Bola Obileye 

Anyhoooo, look out for our red carpet coverage....Honest folks...On the night Lagos peeps were on fire!!! What a great show or what do you think?


  1. Looks like a nice show,am gradually getting glued to ur blog after Linda Ikeji's,gud job keep it up

  2. Looks like a nice show,am gradually getting glued to ur blog after Linda Ikeji's,gud job keep it up

  3. nyc pictures!love ur blog!

  4. thnk God Amber rose was not there! great show.
    btw, thats not a wizkid dancer, its skales [young eme rapper] @chocgirl_vivi

  5. love wizkid's christain louboutin shoes


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