Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We noticed that the link to the CNN Inside Africa 'Nigerian Royal Wedding' videos uploaded are not showing up for some reason. I'm not quite sure what the issues are but we'll try to fix it. I was out and about most of the day and couldn't get online so a thousand apologies for the duff news..Hee!hee!. I have been so so swamped in work ( that I personally need to handle) asides.......

My little brother is getting married in a little over 10 days and I have my neck thick in all the wedding prep. He is my real life '6' as in 'Naeto C's  song 5 and 6'. You see, I'm the 5th child and he is the 6th, I love him like mad and I've always been so so protective of him but now that he is getting married, I couldn't be happier as to the choice of his bride...she is really pretty (ope oh..!!!) and like my little bruv, she is a medical doctor too (Yes oh,we love our Doctors...hee hee! the rest of us didn't go to school..LOL!) and why am I telling you this..Well as I said earlier I'm the 5th child so I have 4 older siblings that think they can boss me around...OK truth be told o!  they actually boss me around and for some reason with the wedding prep I'm getting all the not so cool errands but I'm not complaining at all just letting you all know that if I'm not updating Seriously Doughnuts as often as I should it's because for the next 2 weeks I'm the wedding fixit lady and as it's for my dearest bruv please forgive me. That said though I'll do my best to make sure I'm on top of things blogwise but if I drop the ball please be nice and just think of my four Agbalagbas plus parents  huffing and puffing and bossing me around and say a prayer of patience for me...LOL!

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to the hottest couple in town and the only couple that have my full attention for the next 2 weeks my little brother, my number 6 and my fabulous aburo,  Oluwaseun AKA Dr Sean and his bride, Dr Bisola ...
Seun and Bisola clowning...

Our lovely bride, Bisola..
OK Oh...Seun and Bisola, just remember all my running around for your wedding ooooh...
What I'm trying to say is that......

It would be a good idea ....

to name your first daughter after me...LOL! Actually I'm serious jor...!!!!

My number 6....May God bless your marriage darl....

Ohh!! I also get to design 8 outfits and 5 handbags for my that I don't mind at all....Hmmm, 'It is well" ....but let's get one thing straight my laptop will go everywhere with me so I will sneak-a-blog as often as I can...yeah?? so I won't be too too slack...

And ohhhh! I have fabulous fabulous news for you about some exciting new things happening at Seriously Doughnuts...We are so excited about it ...but I'll tell you about it tomorrow...I'm off to bed now ....a pretty girl shouldn't be up after 3:00am ...LOL!
Apologies and excuses accepted??? 
Have a great day peeps...


  1. apologies accepted o. I go love o. They look really nice. we'll get to see the pics i guess?
    Cant wait for your seriously doughnuts gist.
    Your blog rocks

  2. Wow it realy is a smaLl world,especially the medical world.your brother is a top bloke and i wish them both the best. Hope the wedding goes nice and smoothly. Do post pictures of the bags you make if possible.

  3. Congrats to the Lovely couple

  4. congrats to them...i love the photo's

  5. Best wishes for the future of the soon to be newly weds, don't 4get 2 share wedding piccies

  6. congrats to the couple. I went to secondary with Seun nigerian Navy Secondary school(1994).

  7. the look really good..
    congrats to them.

  8. Congrats to the couple. Your brother looks like you, how comw you left my friend out Dupe...she no resemble from Bee

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