Monday, August 8, 2011


Beautiful Bola Shagaya's diamonds leaves us speechless!!!
'Diamond's they say are a girls best friend'. There is just something about them that make our heart skip a beat..Truth be told every girl wishes for diamonds but thankfully this is one thing that Naija girls feel no pressure about. Trust me Naija girls know how to improvise when it comes to blinging, from cubic zirconia to swarovski crystals we know how to get out bling on without breaking the bank...!!! As long as it blings it's all good but when it comes to a certain class of Nigerian women you know that these ladies only do the real deal.. (or maybe it's our mind playing tricks on us) but from what we see from cuts, carats, clarity and colour, these Naija women have the vital 4C's of diamonds covered like 'Raid over Mosquitos' but as you know 'Naija get levels' so don't try this at home if you haven't got the muscle. Thankfully there's no harm in checking out some of the 'little best friends' some leading ladies have...
Florence Ita-Giwa really makes me smile..she is so girly in her 'pinkies'
she certainly loves her blings checkout her bracelet and phone too...
Hmm... diamond studded too?? Wont surprise me one bit..:)

Stunning Caroline's neckline speaks volumes looks super-blingy- Lovely!
Simple but chic...Nike Osinowo-Soleye

Fashionista Grace Egbabe's piece looks like something from DeBeers ...Timeless!

Ibidun Ighodalo always wears sublime pieces ...absolutely fab!
Hon Abike Dabiri knows how to rock her diamonds
without looking that's got to be a skill...!!!

First Lady Of Ogun State , Mrs Olufunsho Amosun is slowly warming up to her social
responsibilities..her diamond necklace is beautifully understated in a manner that keeps us
focused on her pretty face...

Toyin Saraki's blings are usually simple but you can tell from miles away that
they her jewels are 'Not for kids'
Veteran Diamonista..Hon Aderemi Tinubu's jewels are always on point...

Daisy Danjuma...knows and loves her diamonds...

 Queen of Bling, Shade Okoya's statement piece here is simply

Don't even bother trying to guesstimate how much these ladies spend on their jewels...If there was one thing Marylin Monroe failed to add to the legendary words it would be that 'Diamonds are a 'BIG' girl's best friend' ....!!
So, until we all grow 'BIG' ...Errrm...?? lets just stick with Swarovski Crystals shall we...??? LOL! They bling...we bling toooo jor hee! hee!

 Have a super shinny bling-ing week peeps!



  1. IMO Daisy Danjuma tops the list followed by Bola Shagaya!

  2. Zizi you got it right. These ladies (apart from Aunty Flo) pale in comparison to the blinging mama's of Lagos high society

  3. IMOO most of these bitches are onthe dole (we have our own unique benefits system in Naija)

  4. Okay Bola, you have redeemed yourself by adding Daisy and Bola Shag's pictures.

  5. i love your blog! am so following ehn! u add humor to everything :)


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