Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Designer Deola Sagoe's Daughters Launch Own Fashion Label -CLAN and Showcase Debut Collection...

On the 13th of August 2011, fashion designer, Deola Sagoe proudly watched her daughters, Teni, Aba and Tiwa Sagoe launch their fashion label -CLAN  and present their debut collection titled 'Rampage', a medley of fresh and irreverent style aimed at a younger and fresher audience..(teenage to thirties) as you can imagine, the collection was edgy and daring but actually quite chic...and as it was yet another Lagos shindig...Seriously Doughnuts just had to do our thing especially for you..enjoy....
Yep! Yep!  You know how we roll...LOL!

Aba Sagoe

Tiwa Sagoe

Teni Sagoe

Proud Mum, Deola Sagoe rocking a Clan top..

The girls showcased their first full collection..

Guests sitting pretty...

Amazing Tiwa Savage

Gorgeous Yvonne Ekwere

Kiki Kamanu and SD favourite chick, Eku Edewor
Cocktails served by LiquidKraft..

Much by Davido...

Lola Ashafa

Miss Sagoe and guest...

Greygoose Hostess

Teni and her mum's guests...
(in all red dress is Ruth Osime, Editor of ThisDay Mag)

Like mother, like daughters?? Ahh.. don't forget their designs are aimed at a young audience (in my opinion mainly teenagers)...Remember what you were like when you were their age ? Now, imagine you had these pieces heaven???

Have a super cool day peeps!

Photo credit: Persnickety!


  1. why would ur 'nude' shoes be 5 shades lighter than ur skin tone?

  2. This is a marvelous collection and I'm sure it will be a hit. Your pictures are always great too. :)

  3. Re-nude shoes. I remember someone saying it’s only for Caucasians or very light skinned people. I don’t really agree. I think anyone can wear them even though it’s a colour i don’t really like.

    There’s something bland about the designs. I will go to wherever their store is when next i’m in Lagos to make a better informed opinion.

    Tiwa Savage, killed it with that dress.

    Ruth, trying to be like the teens at nearly 50! LOL!!

  4. I don't particularly understand the nude shoes comment?I even think it looks better on dark skinned women rather than whites as it has a tendency to wash them out. Does it also mean black women shud not wear white shoes as is insinuated by the comment???

    These girls will clean out cos each and every piece is ready-to-wear. Not like some naija designers who get over-creative and flood their collections with avantgarde looks(e.g. Zizi cardow). Then some poor women will dole out huge sums to wear the ridiculous outfits in public thinking that since it was on the runway, its ok to wear out. Since they sagoe girls cater to their peers, there really isn't any need to go crazy being creative, deola already serves that market.

    I however have a sneaky feeling "clan" is deola trying to diversify since she has been somewhat stuck in the aso-oke genre. So she has strategically passed it to her daughters. The outfits that cost hundreds of thousands are seasonal so to get everyday sales, u have to do cheaper lines. The sooner naija designers realise this, the better for them. All foreign designers are doing this now, vera wang, isaac mizrahi, bcbg...

  5. This good stuff but not for teenagers, i would think they are targeting people in their early twenties, all funky and fresh the tailor is neat unlike most supposed nigerian designers.

  6. I read on another site that the price ranges from N20,000, that's a lot to pay for teenage garb. And can young Nigerians girls wear this in public and be safe? Perhaps am old fashioned, and since it's seems these days there is no new fashion design, everything has been done, I guess their designs would suffice. but it's great to see people their age doing their thing.

  7. could you please post a full pic of yvonne Ekwere while standing?id love to see the design of her gown...thanks darling!

  8. @anon 10.47pm, my dear 20k is not anything to these girls o. I listened to a footballer's wife talk bout her very young daughter ask for a pair of jimmy choo shoes cos her mum just bought 2. My former chairman's daughter got a BMW 7 series for her 16th bday and she has an impressive collection of LV bags already. If their mums are goin to buy deola's stuff @ 200k+, its so easy to pick a few outfits for themselves.

    The clothes are not dat provocative o, only the beachwear is revealing but they dats normal. The rest r cocktail dresses and playsuits. Besides, they dress even worse daily. I run into them @ shoprite and d shorts they wear cannot be described here. Also remember that most their peers are in uni already so they're not so "young and innocent" anymore.

    Like u said, proud of them for this achievement @ their age

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