Friday, August 12, 2011


This morning my serial broadcast sender and personal BB cross (the contact that I have deleted a million times over in my head but not on my phone as I think it would be rude) actually made me laugh today. His message simply read "Always believe in God because there are some questions that cannot be answered by Google"....Quite true this one..hee! hee!
So yet again he has survived being deleted but I know that soon and very soon our BB time together will be over..the guy just really doesn't know when to stop..Today already,he has sent 8 jokes and 7 of them just annoyed me. Phewww! 
Regardless of that I have 'speed of ping access' to some of my closest and dearest friends, Seriously Doughnuts pals and associates, who sometimes also test my patience with crazy 'forward now or else' messages every now and again. On the whole though my blackberry phone has become my closest and dearest friend, my trusted PA, Diary, Time Keeper etc etc You need to see how I get in a fit when it slips away from easy reach.It's amazing how this little gadget that only came into my life 2 years ago has become such a vital part of my life that I often wonder what life was like before my first ping! I'm so hooked and I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with my BB. I confess, I'm probably the most playful person on BB...I often call my BBM world my playground. I change my profile messages ever so often but only cos it gives me something to do in traffic... sad I know...LOL and when I'm feeling pretty you better know.. I'm gonna update my picture thats for sure and if you cheese me off, look out for my BB  'red face' and a message directed at you...LOL! I beg oh I paid my BBM subscription oh! So allow me to 'gbadun' my dough... but don't  judge me..I AM NOT ALONE...checkout some other fabulous BB lovers....
Mr and Mrs 'Pinging' Agwu demonstrating the biggest bb trick ever -
Gossiping with someone next to you about someone else near you
without raising suspicion...
I love this couple meeen, they are serious BB Pros!

Hmmmm..Rita Dominic negotiating some Nollywood big sturvs...????
Pretty Amaka Odili in BBM world...

Chat mode activated...

Noble Igwe  of 360Nobs....Blogging on the go ??? Fabulous!
Simple but chic Genevieve Nnaji toh badt..
shows us what a BB red face looks like in reality..:)
Oreka AKA Rhecks of Beat FM..not even the dance floor can hold Rhecks
down from her beloved bb...
The girlie girl - pink top, pink shoes, pink phone...
Now that's true bb love..
Blackberry phones are the new Pringles...once you pop ping you just can't stop....if you are as bad as me and you DO NOT send multiple unnecessary broadcasts..Seriously Doughnuts is on 2690C2CC...come join our BB Playground. it's all fun and games..let's play...

Have a fab day peeps..!!

Photocredit: SD Eye and Persnickety


  1. lol...once you ping you really can't stop indeed! nice read

  2. There’s a bit of gauche mannerisms about using a BB at functions. I think I prefer to see people on the phone instead of them texting or “BBMing” at functions. That’s just my opinion.

    I just added my 13th contact on BBM and I warned him not to invite me to any groups and to send me spam messages, if not I will delete him. Why do I have so few BB contacts? Like my FB, I try to keep it very personal. I blatantly don’t give some people my BB pin when they ask and when I was in two groups (one for football and one for politics) I had all sorts of people wanting to add me and I rejected them. Finally, I’ve left those groups and now I don’t have unknowns wanting to add me. Call me bitchy, but I get irritated by clutter! LOL!!

  3. I'm an Android fan but we finally agreed that the wifey should get a BB so as to reduce call charges to Naija since everyone there has a BB. Now she wont talk to me again o..always on that thing..e be like drug!

    E gbami o :)

  4. @Zizi, its refreshing to meet someone with the same BBM views as myself. I have a grand total of 25 contacts, 18 of which are my immediate family. I have deleted 2 friends because they kept sending me spam.
    I'm gonna have to disagree with you girl, for some of us blackberry is not a way of life!

  5. I wish I had such a revolutionizing view as Zizi and co. but there really isn't anything I can do without my BB. From Appointments to social networking to blogging to contacts. They all start and end there.

    Sha one day God will deliver us.

    (now that I think of it... I don't remember what phone I had before my BB)

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  7. Haha, that’s a nice comparison between Blackberry and Pringles! The mobile craze is, indeed, unstoppable. Even the A-listers in the entertainment industry are busy messaging people on their phones. I'm sure their avid fans are also following their tweets, right?


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