Tuesday, August 23, 2011

THE MAKING OF THE WEDDING CAKE....As Designed By The Bride....

London-Lagos-Germany-Abeokuta-Lagos-Germany- London...
Probably the most travelled wedding cake? 
My sister, Dupe (Number 4) has made fabulous cakes for as long as I can remember, she makes birthday cakes, children's cakes, wedding cakes and every other kind of cake you can think of  but making my brother's wedding cake was a totally different ball game..The bride knew exactly what she wanted but it takes a new level of faith to trust  your 'Sister-in-law-to-be' to make your wedding. What if it all goes wrong? do you just bite your tongue and smile for the camera any way??? Whatever her thoughts, Bisola braved it and commissioned Dupe to make the wedding cake of her dreams. It had to be ALL white, patterned, layered and super brilliant white and Dupe happily took the challenge. She currently lives in London so it made more sense for her to bake the cakes there so she did just that. When she arrived she had 2 suitcases full of cakes, fondant, glitter, sugar etc...She took over  dinner prep table and set out to create Bisola's "Brilliant White" cake as she often stressed. While I quietly prayed that like every other  cake by Dupe it would be a beauty to behold...so I keenly watched as the cake came together before my very eyes....

First she mixed and rolled out the fondant and then covered the cake with it..(well after she spread a bit of jam over the cake) 

Then she cut the fondant around the cake
She then cut out the agreed pattern which were individually cut out with flour covered fingers...
so it does not stick to the hands
The patterns were then pasted on the cake..

Until the cake was completely covered...

The cake board was then covered with fondant flakes...

giving it a more finished  look...

Although the handmade flowers didn't go on until we got to Abeokuta where the wedding took place
We got a quick preview of what it would look like...

And just before the layers of cakes got packed for our inter-state journey (Lagos-Abeokuta), it got a healthy dose of edible lustre spray..

Hurray! The cakes made it safely to Abeokuta...The Bride loved it..!!!

Dupe smiled ...she always knew she had it all sorted..."Piece of Cake"

I think Bisola and Seun officially hold the record for the most travelled wedding cake...London-Germany-Lagos-Abeokuta-Lagos-Germany-London.. (Well, the bride and groom had to take some back with them, innit? LOL!) and it was totally delish! If all this cake talk is making you crave for a bite, then 'holla' at Dupey ( Peek-a-Cake)  on 07958 035 102 (London) ...



  1. great job my name sake.

  2. exquisite. can dupe make cakes and come and assemble them in the US from london? all expenses covered.

  3. lovely! reel talent!

  4. nice and neat job.....you guys are talented, your sister can bake, and you can make design and made handbags.....great job

  5. Great, great job Dupe, very beautiful, meeeeeeen u are too much.


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