Tuesday, November 15, 2011

YAAAY! Kiddie (and Mummy) Fun at Last but......

When it comes to unadulterated kiddie fun in Lagos, asides children's parties, nothing much happens here for the youngsters and for outdoor-loving kids like mine, Nigeria is totally boring!! Well, that's what my older son always says sha...but as saturday was their school family fun day, I  thought "what the heck"...let's really have some serious fun here. So I decided  to put my old party planner hat on and went to town with it..(you see my Sister and I used to run a Kids Event /Party Company called Peek-A-Boo Fun Factory back in London and I had brought some of our props when I moved back with the aim of doing the same here  but its been on the back burner since...)
Anyway, rather than sit back and hope for the best I really got stuck in, wanting my boys and their friends to have a real great time...So I went off to my party shop ( Yeah.. I also run a party and events shop called The Party Boutique, here in Lagos...) to pick up costumes, candy floss machines, popcorn machines etc, etc ...
An Auto Train was hired and the kids loved it..we sang all the way around the block and back...Fun, fun, fun..!!!

That's one of my boys with his union jack face stamp...we're both 'Union Jack' crazy...We just love it!

I even took a stand at the Funfair to display some of my party bits n bobs...

Kids got magic face stamps from my stand too..(for some reason a lot of kids
wanted the Union Jack ones too...hmmmm!)

There were lots of games and prizes won...

I had stored away the character mascots since I got back to Naij so it was nice to see them back in action...
Peek-a-boooo!!! I see you...:) 
The girls loved the glitter hats and feather boas from my party shop -
The Party Boutique...Yaaay!!

The Kid loved the mascots...Double Yaay!

Plans executed; and it turns out the kids had major fun.The teachers and staff were on the ball with amazing funfair games including one called "FIX NIGERIA'....(since the adults can't, maybe the kids will do a better job abi??..hee hee!). Mission Accomplished♯. After the funfair the kids couldn't keep their eyes open. They were tired from all the fun and I quickly followed suit, falling asleep shamelessly...
They have since recovered but I am still fagged out...(thanks to old age..LOL!). I really need to sleep some more and as if that's not bad enough,  I still need to move the costumes back to storage, tidy up the shop etc...Ahhhhhhh!!!  "Why don't you just ask somebody else to do all the wahala....??? why do you like stress Bola????" my husband asks... but truth is I don't like stress...it's just that in Naij, when you want something done properly, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty!! 

Anyway peeps, please bear with me while I nod off again...This 'Wannabe Super-Mummy' is 'Super-Knackered' but I should be back in full swing after my planned 5-hour marathon sleep by God's Grace....See you in a bit!

Have a fab day ahead people..!!!

Lots of love,



  1. Well done, Aunty Bola. Wish I could get a ride on a choo-choo train too.

  2. I can't help admiring ur hustling spirit, u deserve all d success u can get. As per out-doorsy kids thinking sunny Lagos is more boring than cod, grey and damp Blighty I beg to differ.

  3. Wow Bola, you're extremely creative. You're one of those people that would do things in Nigeria and be the only one doing so. I can't wait to see everything come together for you in one outfit. All the best.

    And you know instead of packing up the rides and so on, you can lease them for kids parties?

  4. Quite different from Ibadan right?

  5. Hello Bola, l am really looking for where to have a great party for my 10 year old boy, l want all the works, can you please advice


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