Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I want Somebody to Love Me for Me.....Heavy D Passes on...

Remember the lyrics to Heavy D and the Boyz' 1990's hit..?

I search low and I search high trying to find myself a cutie pie
The destination leads me to a dead end over and over and over again
They told me to wait so I waited, anticipated, debated and delayed it
but still came back to the same old thing - Nothing
It seems as if every time I think I've found the right girl
 she turns out to be the  big wrong girl
tell me y'all  when will this madness stop? stop? stop?

I want somebody to love me for me not because I'm MC Heavy D, 
I'm looking for a love that's solid as a rock, rock.
I want somebody to love me for me,
Happy,happy is where I wanna be...

The Late Dwight Myers AKA Heavy D
It's heartbreaking to hear that Heavy D, whose real name was Dwight Arrington Myers collapsed in his Beverly Hills home yesterday but later died in hospital at the age of 44.

Heavy D' and the Boyz 1990's hit ..'I want Somebody' remains evergreen in my mind as above...It's amazing how music takes you back to where you were the first time you rocked the beat! Memories! memories!

 He made a lot of people happy with
his music and single handedly made all the chubby guys look supercool way before Notorious BIG's time!
I hope he found happiness and his cutie pie
May his Soul rest in perfect peace.



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