Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rita Dominic Dazzled at The Headies Wearing House of Nwocha Dresses and ToTe Red Carpet Accessories...YAAAAY!

Nollywood Beau, Rita Dominic hosted the recently concluded Headies Awards(with Eldee) and as expected, she was decked out to the nines. Her gorgeous dresses were designed by Ugonna Omeruo of House of Nwocha, while accessories she wore came from the ToTe Red Carpet Fab Collection...

Dress by House Of Nwocha, Earrings from ToTe Red Carpet Fab Collection

Actress, Rita Dominic and Designer Ugonna Omeruo

Rita's earring are from the ToTe Red Carpet Fab Collection, she
 also wears a fabulous ring from ToTe Cocktail Collection....
Dress by House of Nwocha, Statement Necklace from ToTe Red Carpet Fab Collection
love the fun, young and fresh look the dress gives..

Fab Dress by House of Nwocha, Earrings by ToTe


Ugonna Omeruo wears a HON dress and  Earrings from ToTe, Eva Alordiah's necklace is also from ToTe
Eva's ToTe Statement Necklace in magazine shoot

Dresses by House of Nwocha

 ToTe earrings worn by Designer Ugonna  Omeruo, as  featured here
in a magazine shoot..
My favourite look has got to be Rita Dominic in the pretty green dress by House of Nwocha (HON) and  of course, the ToTe statement necklace (*wink, wink!), she also rocks the red dress and chandelier earrings well. On the night, Ugonna's structured pieces came through making Rita the 'Belle of The Red Carpet'. 
So peeps, for when you really need accessories that 'Wow'...ToTe'll fix it...!! 
I hope you like...if not we have so many more pieces that you certainly will...just holla!

OK oh! that's my PR pitch for the day over! LOL! 

Have a nice day peeps!

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  1. Ugonna, biko oginni with the breasts? I like you & your designs so much but that dress is best suited for flat chested people or, if you have pert breasts. Your bra compressed your boobs. Or better still wear bra tapes to cup your boobs so they will be apart.

    I still can't get Rita Dominic and her sense of style. She looks edgy a lot of times but there's just something about her and i cannot place it.

  2. pls add the green set u wore to ur brothers jewellery to ur merchandise. thanks

  3. I love Rita Dominic, she seems like a really nice and fun lady, but she looks terrible old and spent in these pictures. Can someone please tell her to stop bleaching her skin? those chemicals and doing her skin any good, look how awfull her legs look. I know she is not the only one, but with her I feels so disappointed because I some how think she is classier than this. Love your blog as well.

    1. u read my mind, wS just saying d same thing...i love her to bits but its making her look old, esp in d side profile pic. if she had lightened her skin in her younger days, it may not have been this bad. its enough sef, where she wan white reach? albino? haba

  4. @Zizi, Zizi, ziiiiiiziiiii haaaaaa!
    @Anon 1:32 - Yes, it actually was but sold out, I only had 2. Pls drop me an email and I'll let you know once I have one for you.
    @Anon 4:51 -thanks for the kind comment re:SD but Kai, who said Rita bleaches her skin o sometimes pictures don't do justice o....I also think she is quite a classy chick...

  5. bola o, abeg o, no vex, rita dominic bleaches... ok.. lightens her skin. ask anyone that knows her from her uniport days...

  6. Looooove the red dress but I think it doesn't fit as well as it should
    in the bust.
    The green dress combo is lovely, very beautiful!!!

  7. Wow...I love her dress but it doesnt suit her body. the bust messed it up


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