Friday, November 11, 2011


So I'm sitting with my mum's friend gisting about fashion statements at a party we both attended. She's a good friend to a society lady that winds me up with  her fashion "No, No's", so I ask her to subtly help this friend of her's with her fashion choices but she gracefully declines, we chuckle and  some how move on to talk about men's fashion  how the 'Atiku' mens cotton fabric trend has come to stay with men paying over the odds just to look as fly as our former Vice President, Abubakar Atiku.....Say what??? Naijas won't kill me oh!!!

Moving on, we start talking about the hottest fashion fad amongst men - The Bola Tinubu Cap....
In case you never noticed, Former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has consistently worn the same traditional cap design and shape for decades that the design has caught on so much that it s now  apparently the standard for distinguished men who now copy the style. These days all you need to do is tell the cap maker is that you want the 'Tinubu' cap and you'll be sorted....

Nigerian men generally have a way of looking extra cool in trad but as for Atiku Buba and Trousers??? Tinubu Cap...????  Do you suspect it's just a trend amongst  'old school men' ??? Do you like??



  1. You need a third eye to understand BAT's cap design. LOL! It's actually Amosun's caps i like. Long and pointed (that's stylish to me.)

    Sometimes, when people say BAT is trying so hard to be like Awo, i shout them down. But thinking about it, Awo wore one style of glasses and one style of cap. Hmmmmmmm. The new King of the South West? Oh yes.

  2. forget tinubu jor, I still need info on that 'uncle' @ ur brothers wedding - the one with the green velvet cap and alligator shoes. thanks in advance.

  3. anons no be only u jor, me self i'm stl waiting for d info too, only f he'll like us.....lolls

    in btw Zizi i go wt u, Amosun's cap s to die for, he wears it like a big boy that doesnt care how his monies is spent...wanna be like him when i grow up

    Tinubu??? not sure


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