Thursday, November 10, 2011

SD FASHION: Who Wants to Be a Skinny Babe?

Lets face it 80% of women wish for a slimmer 'waistline' or 'Eve Bulge', we starve ourselves, hit the gym, take slimming pills and when all fails we do the 'Body Magic' thing strapping ourselves up so tight its almost a struggle to breathe but hey, its for a very noble purpose: To look good and feel good, if not for ourselves, then for our girls...LOL! (Do you know a recent survey shows that women dress up to impress other women? Not men!!! Sorry blokes apparently you guys are too easy to impress. It's the bit*hes we're after, cos you know they're gonna analyze...hee!hee!)

And as Lagos ladies 'No dey carry last' , they have discovered a new kind of 'body magic' that gives the illusion of a slim waistline without the pain - THE SKINNY BELT. Believe it or not, this little smart accessory works a simple magic keeping the focus of the eyes on the thinness of the belt and fooling the eyes (and brain) to think of the wearers waistline as slimmer too...

Don't believe me? Well see for yourself the Lagos chicks (even the lepahs) who know the magic of the 'Skinny Belt'....

Genevieve Nnaji's double skinny tells us exactly where her waist is
so in our minds she does not have the 'Eve bulge'

Notice how the belt creates a delicate curve on the side..

Look how the skinny belt helps create a very feminine sillohoutte..

Looks like her tummy is completely flat right?

Ebun is a stylist so you know she cheats....she looks fab !

Love this!

Guess what you first saw? Her skinny belt for sure! You go girl!

Actress Nse knows the deal 

Ms. Aiyela kows how to work her skinny belt...I likey!!

You can probably see the effect more from the side with a slight curve 


The little black belt really just adds character to her dress and bodyshape..I like!

See how it just nips MoCheddah's waist in..yeah I know she is slim..LOL!

See what I mean? Even the skinny girl's waistline look slimmer with the skinny belt. It's the little fashion secret no one tells you...well except us sha...!!!LOL!
Let's keep it real though, it won't help you look skinny but it'll give you a defined waistline depending on where you place it ..
As for me, until my waistline miraculously finds itself at MoCheddah's size, I'm staying hooked on Skinny belts meen. But Shhhhh!! If you see anyone wearing one, don't tell that you know their secret just appreciate them and say "you look fabulous". I love's all fun and games..*wink!wink!
Confession time: Are you getting one?? OK, are you tempted???

PS: Don't throw away your real bodymagic (girdle) o, every little helps eh? ...hee!hee!


  1. yeah that item def. knows how to work its skinny magic on d ladies

  2. it cant work for me

  3. the fat ones still look fat!!

  4. I dont think even this one can save my waist!

  5. @chillysauce - Haaaa..only God can make us chubby girl's slim oh but at least we can steal a waistline with the belt....*wink!

  6. That slim belt doesn't work with everyone. My Mum tried it once and i told her to leave it for the young ones. Even me with my thick waist, i just won't dare. It suits those with slim waists but for the thick waist-ed people, not every fashion style must be followed.

  7. hahhaha...not werking for me. i can still see their folds, donuts, muffins etc.

  8. I am definitely getting the belt, lol...

  9. am definitely getting d belt but will continue to rock ma body magic on d side.

  10. nickyminaj abeg where u buy ur bodymagic...i need one...but wt d fake all over, ts hard to get d real mccoy


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