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 "If we want to change our lives, our relationships or even the world we must start by understanding and overcoming the shame that keeps us silent." - Anonymous 

Patricia Omoqui and guest looking fabulous on the night!
Seriously Doughnuts' Thought Dr and the Original Naija Oyinbo, Patricia Omoqui took part in Women Empowering Women in Philadelphia (USA) an event with a goal to build awareness and understanding of the issues connected and surrounding homelessness. The event, which was  of two parts; The Terri Cohen Afternoon  Discussion Forum and the evening fashion event kicked off with the discussion forum with local inspirational business women and formerly homeless people from Project H.O.M.E, who successfully turned their lives around and re-entered the workforce. At the conclusion of the forum, the women were later joined by 40 incredible women from the Philadelphia community in an unforgettable fashion show featuring women of ALL shapes, sizes and backgrounds and of course our very own Patricia Omoqui..

Below is Patricia's account of the event;
Last week I had the honour of being part of a day of Women Empowering Women in Philadelphia (U.S.A.).  The day kicked off with a discussion forum attended by 20 women from various walks of life—there were C.E.O.s as well as formerly homeless women.  Over lunch we sat and discussed the challenges we have as women, sometimes extremely intimate ones.  Common struggles that emerged were abuse and betrayal by boyfriends and husbands, rape, abandonment by fathers, addictions (drugs, alcohol, work, shopping), low self-esteem, difficulty with body image and triumph as we healed our pasts.  Many who shared their stories shared progress, triumph, and healing.  All who sat in the room that day were changed.  Hearing the commonality, seeing the raw emotion and knowing that if another woman made it through –then I can too…this uplifted our spirits, created a sense of sisterhood.  I truly believe that more open sharing like this would change our world.
After the event one of the formerly homeless women and I were talking.  I asked her what the experience of the discussion forum was like for her.  Her response touched me deeply.  She said, “I was nervous about the forum because I knew powerful, successful women were going to be there and I felt like I didn’t belong at the table.  But hearing these women speak so openly and honestly about their struggles made me realize their lives are not perfect.  I saw that even successful people deal with similar things to me.  I had been afraid of success but now, I know that I am a woman, a strong one and I can achieve success like they have.”
I believe that as we share our personal stories in an honest, open way, we begin to see that each of us is more similar than we are different.  While some may carry more expensive handbags than others or drive fancier cars, the inner struggles remain the same.  Perhaps those with more money simply have more access to hide their difficulty beneath the fancy masks they wear.  
There was power unleashed in the room as women, some for the first time, shared their stories in a group setting.  Tears, laughter, sighs of relief – this is what comes when we take off our mask and give our stories a strong voice.  And, we can hear from other sisters who are further down the path, those who have gone through the struggles we currently face and know that we too can grow beyond any challenge we face.  Honest sharing gives strength to our spirits and a vision that not only can we survive the pain, we can grow wiser and thrive...  
Here are a few pictures from the event as our very own Patricia Omoqui hit the runway in support of women like us...yes, no matter the race, colour or circumstance, we are ALL the same.. 
Make-up time...

SD's very own Naija Oyinbo on the runway..
Patricia wears Calvin Klein

A fun filled day of great connections, sisterhood and empowerment!

 Patricia Omoqui and Jami from Philly Fit Magazine...yes, she is STRONG and FIT. . 

Fab ladies from Project H.O.M.E

Lynn Doyle (Presenter at Comcast, It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle) and Sarah Keating,
Owner of Phoenix Salon and Spa with Patricia Omoqui
"Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light."  Brene Brown

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.™, is an executive  coach and business consultant, the author of Clarify Your Purpose and Live It!  She is sought after as an inspirational speaker, life coach and corporate/civil service trainer.  Patricia is an American married to a Nigerian.  She is a passionate facilitator of positive change.  Visit http://www.patriciaomoqui.com . To contact Patricia, emailinfo@patriciaomoqui.com or text 08026221202 or BB PIN:  25EDC807


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