Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The funky blings loving, DJ ShyShy Shyllon - Nigeria's Finest Diaspora  DJ back on Naija Soil!
Former OGBC and Raypower  Radio/ On Air Personality DJ ShyShy Shyllon is back in Nigeria from his 15-years sojourn in United Kingdom - Whooo! Hooo! I love, love love this guy! Back in England he DJ'd at almost every event that I had a hand in organising - When it comes to true DJ-ing talent - trust me on this one, DJ ShyShy Shyllon is truly one of the best Nigeria has ever produced besides when it comes to disc-jockeying experience, DJ ShyShy is a Don with over 30 years experience... He was certainly the finest Naija DJ in the (UK) Diaspora

He started DJ-ing way back in 1985 when he was in Secondary School (Baptist Boys High School Abeoukuta), he then went on to work at several recording studios before auditioning to become an On Air personality at OGBC where he worked from 1990 as presenter/continuity Announcer, He left OGBC in 1993 as one of the most famous DJ's of his time to join Raypower in 1993-1997 where he also quickly became a top radio personality  that listeners adored.
Passionate as he is, ShyShy Shyllon, whose real name is Olusegun Shyllon (Yes, Shyllon is a real Naija name..Can yo believe? LOL!) left the shores of Nigeria for England to broaden his knowledge of broadcasting and in 2006 he graduated from Thames Valley University in 2006 with a Bachelors degree in Digital Broadcast Media.
DJ ShyShy and his Shy Angels
Even while studying in the UK, DJ ShyShy remained consistently relevant within the DJ-ing scene and over the years he has achieved credibility in club and Radio DJ-ing in the UK, Nigeria and around the world.
On the subject of coming back home,DJ ShyShy says he has always had his heart set on returning to Nigeria. In his words "Ever since I travelled, I"ve always wanted to come back to Nigeria but I was just waiting for the right time. Naija is home and I know there are great opportunities here. I love it here!"

Soft-spoken, Cute-faced ShyShy is a single father of two gorgeous 'Shy Angels' as he loves to call them. A true master of his game, DJ Shy Shy Shyllon  is a fabulous gain to Nigeria.He is now stationed with Kennys Music's Rainbow FM. You can catch him live on his programme 'The Happy Hour'. From 1pm - 5pm  Monday  to Friday  and 5am- 9am on Saturday..He is simply fantastic!

Now Lagos get ready to RELOAD YOUR CONCEPT OF P-A-R-T-Y-I-N-G!!!  The real McCoy is back!!!! 

DJ ShyShy Shyllon here is a Seriously Doughnuts salute...!!!! Braaap! Braaap!!! (Shhh! my hubby hates that! Too 'yardie' for him but you get me sha! LOL!)

N.B: Just a reminder ladies, he is single...! Just saying o...!


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  1. Haaaa.....DJ ShyShy Shyllon will surely be missed here in the UK. He made all our parties rocked. Bolly, U surely had him as ur #1 DJ here and made him the family's most preferred choice. Wishing him loads of success in 9ja.


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