Monday, May 23, 2011


Music Video Director and Film Maker, GINI
Hi  Guys, So I went to Fashion lover, Taofick Okoya's Fashion Auction 2011 on Saturday the 21st of May, in support of his favourite charity event (The Children's Fiesta which holds on Children's Day). Taofick introduced me to Gini and I just got super excited when I realised who he was. I'm completely mad about Naija music and I have been seriously impressed by the wave of creativity in Nigerian Music videos of recent. You see, Gini is the genius film maker behind TY Bello's Land is Green, Dagrin's Pom Pom Pom Pom, KAS' - Wine for me, MCheddah's Koma Roll, Jmartins - Iva music videos amongst others. I had been curious as to who was behind Dagrin's video since the first time I saw it, in my opinion it's one of the most engaging music videos Naija has ever experienced but for some reason Gini has always maintained a 'low profile' so on that note, I just had to interview him there and then to demystify the man the industry calls "Gini..The film maker"

GINI stands for Great Individuals No Imitations and from Gini's videos you know that indeed this dude is in a class of his own. He returned to Nigeria from New York in 2007 and he is loving every moment of being here that he says he is here in Nigeria for good...Supercharged, I got my dictaphone out, pressed record and we started talking, we talked fashion, his inspiration, Dagrin, Governor Fashola, his projects etc and guess what he says Tillaman is coming home to Nigeria next week...whooo hooo!! I love Tillaman and Dolla-billz ...can't wait!!!!! (You must checkout their music on youtube if you don't know them - these guys are London's funkiest Naija musicians - I love how well styled their videos are..)

You can listen to our interview here... just press play...*wink*( like you didnt know that..LOL)

 If above does not work on your browser, try listening on windows player here:

Gini shows off his T-shirt - The only other one produced belongs to
 Governor Fashola

Fun loving his music model pose..

Ex- New Yorker in Lagos, Gini the 'Single' Film Maker

Remember ladies, he is single and searching. In his words "I'm looking for a lady who understands creativity and can cook a nice meal" if that's you do hurry up ! Gini is waiting o! I will happily play match maker..(smiles) ...
Meanwhile, Gini, Seriously Doughnuts salutes you...


  1. funny i couln't access the audio,
    nonetheless, looking at the pictures, i'm certain he musta been a lot of fun

  2. Hi Chizy, He sure was a lot of energy..I have added a windows player as well so hopefully you can hear it now..:)

  3. whats his real name now?

  4. lovely guy!!! sounds very nice


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