Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My lovely friend and her hubby just bought a beautiful house in Banana Island, Lagos and they took me on a spin round their new neighbourhood. Ohhh Boy!..if you haven’t been to Banana’s simply 'Wow'..I hear a plot of land costs up to a billion Naira to’s like a brand new fabulous Lagos..Gated of course in a bit of Miami meets LA type setting..
This place is strictly for the bigz peeps...absolutely beautiful and peaceful..if you thought you’ve seen what money can buy in Nigeria, think again..Banana Island is currently the most expensive area in Lagos these days with property prices so high making it stupendously exclusively reserved for Billionaires...
I kept going ..‘Wow’ and then without warning I got slapped in the face by this monstrous, gigantic construction that was definitely an ‘Adenuga’ project. A double construction with one normalish structure next to a replica of the “BELLA” golden structure in VI. I’m sure it’s only Mike Adenuga would build a golden home...
The Julius Berger construction sign was out there for all to see that this was no small house o! We’re talking some serious gazzilion Naira construction meen..pipelines were being laid ..etc..No mocking about meen, GLO CEO Mike Adenuga means  serious business with his new home that’s for sure.. 
Dang! I love Banana Island.. this is one part of Lagos that would make coming back home to Naija..really worth it. So ‘Diaspora peeps’ start saving for your homecoming...Wanna Banana? You're not alone..heee! hee!
Here are a few pictures of what it’s like driving down Banana Island armed with a blackberry phone with a relatively OK camera on it...enjoy!
I love this 'Art-Deco' style building..Flats here would cost over a N100M

Developers are certainly making their money work for them with fabulous flats..

I'll prefer a house but I'll manage one of these flats at around N150M.. LOL!

The Adenuga double edifice...Now that's  what you call a "GLO"ing home...

It pays to be a Billionaire..just look at how huge the property extends..Only Julius Berger could handle this for sure..
Congratulations M&O on your new home ..its sooo beautiful, I promise not to embarrass you with my oooohs and ahhhs next time..I’ll try to be more composed...LOL! 



  1. dats a bigs boys and girls something o

  2. Very nice, I hope they have sorted out the road leading into the BI because when I was there last year the road leading into it was even worse than the ones you have in Ajegunle and I saw a spaanking new 7 series wading through the river on the raod itself what a shame for the most expensive area in Lagos. JB should have sorted that one out peanuts for MA innit........

  3. KemiismyrealnameMay 14, 2011 at 3:46 AM

    Truth be told. The house with the shiny nuclear reactor type thing next to it is an eyesore! You would never see this type of nonsense in any civilised country.

    And Bola land in old Ikoyi still sells way higher than Banana Island. I doubt about the billion naira per plot, though.

  4. Kemiismyrealname; touche. You just typed what was on my mind. Ikoyi is way ahead of Banana Island. Ikoyi definitely sets the mark. Try buying a house on Cameron, Bourdillon, Oyinkan Abayomi etc. That's the cake.

    It's not one billion naira a plot. I know people who built houses there and they didn't buy it for anything that high.

    Banana Island is over-rated!!!!!!

  5. It looks great but more greenery would gift it more life and an 'island feel'.

  6. N150 -200 Million..........for an apartment looking like that? You have got to be kidding me. That is around £600k for that in London you are talking fantastic area and not just apartment but everything else if you expect to pay for an apartment of that price. Having visited BI, anyone willing to pay that price for any apartment in Lagos as a whole either has more money than sense or an idiot.

  7. Just starting looking for houses in that area for a move back to Naija, and for someone who has supposedly lived in the States, with so much money, the house (Both) are classless. I've seen smaller better looking houses in Ikoyi and VI. Who would build that kind of ugly gold edifice, wonder if that's where he keeps his gods, with Naija you never know the source of their money. Ugly to say the least.

  8. I like what the billionaires do with their money....spend it on ridiculous things that makes millionaires look bad. Theres a billionaire in cheshire here in manchester who makes carlos tevez look broke.Ikoyi or Banana Island, top dollar is spent. by the way I like the nuclear reactor thing. For those that think Ikoyi is better(economic) bye bye.

  9. Omo mehn...we would get there... Amen!


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