Saturday, April 16, 2011


Oh my, what a day! Got back from the polling booth and literally fell asleep. Voting in Nigeria has got to be the most tiring exercise ever! I left home early but still found myself on the backend of the queue and unfortunately for me the Sun showed no mercy! It was scorching HOT, probably the hottest day of the year! You can say that the Sun was smiling down on us a bit much.. but I was going to stick it out, while downing my 'now not so cold' bottled water...I thought the queue was moving up but suddenly we got the news that OAP's would be allowed to vote first while the 'young' would have to wait it out.
Yours truly smiling but baking in the hot sun, a fellow voter,
protects me under his UMBLERRA..LOL!
( by the way I can spell oh! (well sometimes) just messing around like you know who..)
I saw their point but that hot Sun didn't make it easy to accept but as a 'home-trained' young lady with my own OAP on another queue (my mum), I accepted my fate thinking.."Today I will vote no matter what not even the sun or queue will hold me down"
So I decided I might as well observe the goings on while I waited my turn. Voting started with officials openly counting the number of accredited voters and announcing the number out loud...
Here is a photo account of the rest of the gruelling but peaceful voting exercise...

The queue was actually about 5 times what you see in the picture. Some
came prepared for the sun but an official asked people to fold down their
umbrellas as its a symbol of PDP but Naija's ignored the orders..

Empty ballot boxes were set up in view of all observers

Once it was your turn to vote, an official would verify your accreditation,
another would hand you a ballot sheet, your voting finger would be ink printed
 and you would be asked to cast your vote in the privacy of
one of these booths 

We had only one uniformed Policeman who duly observed and made himself
visible with a bit of 'grags' in place..

After voting you would then cast your ballot sheets in the ballot boxes
completing your civic duty to vote.
Tiring as it was, we did it! We have done our bit, it is now time for us to unite and support whoever the nation chooses to rebuild Nigeria. Thank God for a peaceful day. God willing we will get to the promised land...IJN. God bless Nigeria...


  1. sounds more fun than i expected

  2. Trust me Chizy it wasn't fun at all, we were there for over 3 hours in the Sun, every now and again you would get screamed at or given new orders by glad it's over..well almost just the Gubernatorial elections to go..Phew!

  3. Girl you try o for that very hot sun very very patriotic indeed thumbs up


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