Friday, April 1, 2011


Fashion fine boi..Noble Igwe wearing  his custom made Mai Atafo blazer..
complete with his name embroidered ..
A real supporter of Nigerian designers, Noble always looks on point!
Here he also rocks his nicely fitted Deola Sagoe Jeans..
Permission sought and granted by my hubby and very own badt guy- Sean O! ...I feel at liberty today to talk about BOYZ... *cough* cough*...Just clearing my throat...LOL!  So all you married chicas..I know you see what I see too but you do not have the license to talk abi? Heeee! heeee!..Just ask for permission from your man for a day to appreciate God's work in our cool Nigerian Men but if you're too scared to ask, feel free to come back and check out the boyz here anytime you like...LOL! But just don't use my name in vain oh (like saying.. "That Bola girl sha..she doesn't know she is married"..hmmmm!) remember.. I asked and my hubby said "That's fine...enjoy" ... and yes I intend to do just that!!! Yeee! haaa!

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I re-introduce you to Nigeria a country of FINE boyz, who  know and love their fashion. I kid you not when I say, our men know how to look good in a suit but even more so wearing trad. Honestly, put any Naija man in trad and he suddenly 'Cinderellas' on you like magic turning into an African Prince. So I'm taking it upon myself to celebrate a few 'good Naija men' as for  some reason their fashion efforts are NOT as highlighted or acknowledged in magazines or even talked about that much but don't let that fool you oh.. Naija men are just as vain as its women. Understated as their fashion may seem, take a closer look and you'll see that their fashion is not accidental. Everything is planned out, from the outfits to shoes, shaves to hair cuts, you boyz are seating in front of the mirror like us, conditioning your skin and checking out your looks..Guyz I speak for All the ladies, when I say 'we ain't mad at ya'.. so please feel free to queue behind us for the mirror tooWe may not say it much but dang!..we seee that you guys are seriously stepping up your fashion game...(although some of you also get it badly wrong too..., in fact look out for an upcoming post on this; SD MEN: AWON BOYZ WON RAZZ GAAN)
Anyway, without further  ado, here are some Lagos Fashion badt guys...we truly salute...

Pweety boi, Banky W (aka Yankee Spec) never has a hair out of place.
He always looks fabulous in Mai Atafo inspired pieces but here he looks
seriously fab in trad!

Uju Nwachukwu, Big Brother Africa All stars winner is fast becoming a fashion
relevant face.. as for the goaty..not too sure jor!
These days, Fashion veteran and gentleman, Richard Mofe Damijo goes the
'Smart Casual' way..

I really, really love Naija Men in trad..Just look at Kunle Afolayan,
Producer of The Figurine...looking good dude!
I love Niyi Adenubi's (Partner at Paragon Partners) trad and
 denim mix..super funky...!

Abdul Dania, Director, Plethora Gas and Power looks really
smart in trad..

It's Lynxxx y'all - OK Ladies...singing the National Anthem
here is well in order..

I love how cute faced DJ Zeez (pink top) always looks playful but funky in
his brightly coloured tops and skinny ties..

Yes o..Keke Ogungbe is seriously stepping up his fashion game..
on this occasion I think he nailed it..yes??

No be small thing o! Tuface Idibia is undoubtedly one fine boi,
but when it comes to fashion, Tuface is completely 'implicated'
 his fashion is casual but he always looks well put together.. Ole! le!
This funky super-daddy is correct jooor...!

Ladies...who is your favourite? (married chicas...oya just for a day, speak now or forever 'may che onu'.. LOL!) 
Do look out for part 2...


  1. biko remove kekes picture from this post now lol
    same with noble I guess his arrogance just gets to me
    and as for Uti ,he has potential but looks unkempt with that hair.

    I looove me some 2baba,lynxx and dj zeez

    as for banky the next time I see you na to shave that your watchamacallit?
    damn hes got to be super vain to keep that shave always in tip-top shape like he uses a set of tee squares and rulers lol

  2. Richard man denzel washington of Nigeria

    Bro Kunle Afolayan, i don't know there is something about your "Silipasi" that is off...mi no like am

    Love to see a man who is not afraid of trying bold colors, the guy rocking the Fushia pink top...thumbs up

    Is there any picture of Banky without a hat on? Most picture of him I've seen he is always wearing a hat.

    Uti need to change his barber, and style that dread properly...that will do

  3. Tubaba, too fine........He takes the cake. 2nd goes to the "everlasting handsomeness" RMD.
    Who is Noble BTW? I read his posts and the guy sure has a Napoleon complex.

    Brown; touche.

  4. I really love articles as this, am so sick and tried of seeing Nigeria ladies exposing themselves too much all in the name of fashion.
    Well done Sis Bola, my hubby too is a FINE man ooh.


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