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Embridge Ventures Management
Anino Ijewere, Abi Adeyanju, Uzo Ijewere

The 'Fink'-ing Ladies..
Ever found yourself wishing you had a lot more to talk with your kids about other than the usual 'how was school?' 'what did you do today' type questions? Well trust me you're not alone. With busy lives these days it's not unusual that families schedule in time with each other but what good is that if you can't get the best out of it?

The  emergence of new technology on the one hand has made our daily tasks  easier,while on the other hand, it erodes a huge aspect of family life integral to bonding - communicating the good old way - as in talking face to face, some of us hide behind our gadgets emailing, texting and bbing so much that it feels like a chore striking up a face-to face conversation even with our own after the usual questions our kids hear all the time so much that they answer without thinking what do we do?

It's time to 'FINK' outside the box I say! FINK stands for Family Interaction Nutures Kids, (and adults too I add) the brain child of the Britain's  Lisa Warner, mother of four, who believes that communication is essential for happy families and happy children and in putting her money where her mouth is, she developed a fantastic range of conversation cards to reclaim family life from BBs, PSPs, Ipods and the likes..

My Favourite: The Family edition
The idea is pretty simple, you pick one question card all with unique topics from the Family, Teenage, Travel or Wedding Edition from the FINK product range as the occasion warrants, read it out loud and get your family, teenager, travel companion or wedding guests talking about the issue raised...Pretty simple but revolutionary as it does actually work. People get talking without inhibitions...

So far my favourite is the Family Edition as I get to feel like a 'super yummy mummy on top of my mummy game' but if you have a teenager, you must get the Teenage Edition as it helps the family openly discuss issues that affect them such as drugs and sex which are often taboo subjects between teenagers and parents but as your teenager will see the cards being picked and read out it immediately disperses the negativity or resentment expected if they thought that you came up with the questions...
Exciting stuff it is for busy families but even more exciting is that these fabulous conversation cards are now available in Nigeria through Embridge Ventures.The sole representatives and distributors of FINK in West Africa.
Wedding edition:
Get your wedding guests
 talking to each other
I met up with the yummy ladies behind Embridge (Uzo Ijewere MD, Abi Adeyanju Head of PR & Marketing and Anino Ijewere Head of Operations) and yes these women are passionate educationalists, who believe in the product and are spreading the gospel of healthy conversation in homes, schools and social gatherings and I'm completely sold on the idea too so much so that I got all the packs already (including the wedding edition..I just love weddings!!)
Lagos traffic jam can now be fun with the family, friends or kids and with the Family edition being loaded with 54 thought provoking questions to pick from you won't believe what goes on in your little kid's (and partner's) head(s)...just get them talking and be amazed at where the conversation will lead to...
FINK! You know what they say..."It's good to talk"

Teenage edition:
Get into your
 teenagers world..
strike up cool conversation
Reclaim travel times from gadgets
Get to know your family through

Get family and friends talking with a little bit of help from 'FINK'
 available through  Embridge Ventures, Nigeria

Prices start at just N1250 (£4.99), so get talking people...
To order contact Embridge Ventures on:
T: 234 802 325 2799 (Nigeria) or +44 207 060 3914 (UK)


  1. This is a really great move. I'm certainly going to check them out! Though not from Embridge since I'm not in Nigeria.

  2. Hey Myne, you can certainly find the cards in stores. please buy them, play with them and watch your level of communication with your kids elevate....


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