Sunday, April 24, 2011


A conceptual online doughnut shop weblink on

"We have a dream that every reader will have a delicious doughnut everytime they visit"

  The Seriously Doughnuts Oreka Godis Inspired Doughnut Shop Project

Yesterday, On Air Personality, Oreka Godis AKA Rhecks of The Beat 99.9 FM got us deliciously excited when she tweeted and I quote "Met Someone from yesterday, I'm hoping I'll get doughnuts everytime I visit. Wishful thinking I know.

Lumi Morgan, Seriously Doughnuts' American import, Ace reporter and photographer had been on the town and bumped into Oreka but  as a JJC he didn't know who Oreka was but he thought she was supercool and evidently he was spot on..! 

Anyway...another Tweeter user Haramyde (Aramide) responded with "Lmao".. Let's just call him the 'Laughing Thomas'
Neks of also responded saying; "Bola Obileye. Yeah doughnuts would be nice:)"
And as mad as we are about our readers, we are taking on board Oreka, Aramide and Neks2u's comments and we're seriously considering how every reader can not only get a delicious taste of Lagos life news but also a delicious bite of our soon to be legendary glazed doughnuts.....

We're thinking maybe a link to order Doughnuts directly delivered to you at home **(in Lagos to start) Yes people, it's now on the cards, we will make Oreka's words a reality...Seriously Delicious Doughnuts every time you order on our website soon..!!!! 
And since Oreka Godis started this...We are christening our Online Doughnut stop project "The Seriously Doughnuts 'RHECKS' Project.. and Yes Oreka, all things will soon be possible, you will certainly get doughnuts every time you visit and even better your doughnuts will be delivered to you at work just because you asked and they will always on the house..*wink! wink!
As for Laughing Aramide and Good thinking Neks2U we love you too - Let's just say your doughnuts too will be always be on the house..

We have taken the first step with conceptualising the idea, although it will very likely change it will basically be a link on that will take you to our doughnut shop, our readers will be entitled to a doughnut pass so you'll get some free but you'll also be able to order to your heart's delight. We will aim to announce in coming weeks how we're getting on with our doughnut shop idea! (Screaming....and catching my breathe...hmmmmm ....haaaa!)

Who else wants some real doughnuts?
We are Seriously mad...we know.... but now that we've said it ermmm! we better get off to the drawing help us God. IJN we pray..Amen!

And as this is all about our readers we will love to hear from you.. any ideas, questions, favourite flavours and everything else you really would like on SD...ohhh yeah and great recipes too.... we're all ears and doughnuts...!!!

Note to Lumi Morgan:  
You're the American...let's do this big...!!!!

We are still Seriously Doughnuts...Have a fabulous easter peeps!!!

Much love muah!!



  1. LOL Chizy...We'll have to send you some e-doughnuts till we table a London plan..hee! hee! By the way Chizy, I was going to email you a picture of a Salon here in Lagos called Chizzy K...doubt its anything to do with you all the way in London? but I took the pic anyway..LOL!

  2. Yeah..... lets get some doughnuts going, every time I come to this site I start to get a sudden desire for doughnuts.....seriouslydoughnuts its doughnuts time.....

  3. All I want are proper glazed Doughnuts... Krispy Kreme ish!! make it happen!


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