Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Aderonke on the set of
TV reality show
the Debaters
Aderonke Adebanjo's journey of life thus far and indeed her journey to Nigeria has been an eventful path to self discovery. After undertaking pre-med school for 2 years, working in HR and as a Community Researcher, Aderonke felt unfulfilled so she quickly and wisely chose to trace her steps back to her real passion - Media and singing..
So when she returned to Nigeria in 2008 on a self discovery expedition after being away for almost 10 years, nothing was going to hold her from following her dreams. Last year, she secured a role as a co-presenter on a reality TV show, The Debaters. Today, she works at Smooth 98.1 FM, the first digital radio station in Nigeria, where she doubles up as Branding and Marketing Executive as well as an on Air-Personality, hosting a lifestyle program called 'Breakfast in Bed' at 7am-10am on Saturdays..It's just what you need to get your weekend started off..

I always get curious about returnees and how they are settling into Naija life so I wasn't going to let Aderonke off without asking typical questions I get asked by my peeps 'abroad ' or shall I say my 'diaspora' friends...LOL!

On why and what she loves most about Nigeria, Aderonke said she couldn't place a finger on it! She just loves Naija and with a smile of contentment she said 'There is no place like home'...she believes that there are lots of opportunities for young people to find and establish themselves here in Naija, even in the midst of all that may be deemed negative. In her opinion it is easier to follow your passion in Nigeria...

Aderonke Adebanjo of Smooth FM -
I love her natural hair
And in Nigeria, Aderonke is doing just that. Asides from her day job at Smooth FM, she nurtures her dream and other passion for singing too and she is gearing up to unleash the music within. She has met up with Cobhams Asuquo who she hopes will produce her upcoming single.

Her genre? Lyrically she says she is more of a 'gospel & inspirational' writer, but beat wise she loves 'house' I guess we'll have to see what this 'au naturale' beauty comes up with..Cobham's says she sounds like Cece Winans and if Cobhams says so, I think her music will be worth waiting for..

It took this American returnee coming home to Nigeria to find herself and her life long dreams and this vibrant young lady is certainly living it up, savouring and enjoying every moment of her home coming...

Looking at her and how happy she seems, I cannot but agree that indeed there is no place like home...

So guys, do you still want to come back home? If you're back has it been for you?


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