Sunday, April 10, 2011


Pastor Enoch Adeboye of  General Overseer
 Redeemed Christian Church of
 "Nigeria, evil men will never rule you again"
when I first heard these prophetic words by the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, I thought it was the most simple yet profound hope and prayer that only deep wisdom could have inspired.
I look at the line up of our presidential candidates and wonder who God has found 'righteous and worthy' for the task ahead....hmmm! I guess we all have to VOTE AND SEE!

With so many disappointments and broken promises, it is yet so amazing that we still have the audacity of hope that change will come to Nigeria but as the nation wept at the work of evil doers who cut short 13 innocent lives with around 25 people still reported hospitalised following a suspected bomb explosion at a regional INEC Office in Suleja, Niger State on Friday 8th of April, it is obvious that many still seek their own self interest and desire for us to remain bound but as deeply saddened and discouraged we collectively were, we all secretly wondered what lay ahead of us at the planned elections yesterday but still we soldiered on refusing to be pulled back by evil doers to VOTE !

Many now believe that we need more than our votes,  many believe we need prayers and as Christians and Muslims alike have formed  groups with the sole aim of praying for Nigeria for the hand of God to prevail, it looks like Nigeria is firmly set on God's agenda. I personally joined one of the groups too standing in the gap for our nation asking for that divine intervention, that direction, that wisdom we need to steer  our nation out of poverty, carnage, greed, self interest, corruption and all we have struggled with for over 60 years.

Yes it has come to this. Change must come to Nigeria and we must do all it takes to take us to the promised land including 'Praying'. As I sat last night watching and listening as the news unfolded of peaceful elections nationwide I am convinced that God answers prayers...

Still proudly Nigerian...
INEC, their adhoc staff, NYSC Corpers, the Nigerian Police and indeed the people of Nigeria did well, turning out in multitudes in defiance of the intentions of the evil doers who tried to derail the election process..Yes, we can be orderly, yes we can be patient and yes we are united in our desire for change to come. As archaic as the process was, people stuck it out united in the resolve that the process would succeed and it did.

 But it's the BIG one next week, we must not entertain fear, affirmative action is what we must focus on. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!  The presidential elections cannot and must not be left to chance. We have to get it excuses !

As cheesy as this may sound, please include Nigeria on your agenda this week and  pray that this week all will be well as the election process continues. That plans to disrupt, maim or  kill innocent people will not succeed and that indeed in government and on the streets 'evil men will never rule or reign terror in Nigeria again'

And as we see glimpses of the promised land - A new Nigeria...may we all live long to experience and influence the change that will come and above all May God take us to the Promised Land...A new improved, prosperous Nation where poverty becomes history, where basic amenities are the norm, where health care and good education is accessible by all, where constant power becomes a reality, where families are guaranteed 3 square meals and where peace and harmony reigns - These are simple things of life we deserve and must have.

Here is the new charge - WATCH, PRAY, VOTE!

May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

God bless you and God bless Nigeria...


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