Friday, February 4, 2011


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When we first heard about the kidnap, many suggested that Ify Eneli was the target and that Michael Neri was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, while others suggested it was Michael that was the target suggesting it could have been one of Michael Neri’s deals that had gone sour..we cannot comment on this at this time.

Conspiracy theories aside, has just received news that apparently  the Eneli family have been stung wickedly by her abductors. We are told tha the Eneli family raised the demanded ransom which they duly paid to secure their daughter’s release. However, instead of releasing Ify, the kidnappers released Michael Neri instead.

It is alleged that kidnappers are now requesting a further sum from the Eneli family who are completely broken and shocked at the kidnappers trickery and additional demand. 
They had struggled to raise the initial sum it was a huge stretch  but  through the support of close family, friends and loved ones they did..but for Michael Neri to have been released instead of their daughter??? They certainly didn’t bargain for that. 
Ify Eneli unfortunately is still in the kidnappers hands as they await a further ransom payment, we are told. 
At present, Our source reveals the Eneli Family are deeply saddened by the new development and are considering their next steps..May God grant them wisdom and grace at this very stressful time. 
At the time of publishing, SeriouslyDoughnuts could not  reach Michael Neri. His phone was switched off. While we await further developments, pl
ease report anything you know to the police and continue to pray for Ify Eneli's safety..
Please stay safe and stay tuned to... mad about News!



  1. if this is true
    then its so sad
    but there seems to be so many missing parts to this tale
    I dont know either of them but I have read nothing but bad things said about them
    I just wonder really?
    how bad could one get?

  2. After reading and hearing all the negative comments about these two, all roads should point to Michael. How can he just disappear like that? He needs to be smoked out and questioned thoroughly by the Police. If it's a scam, God will deal with them severely


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