Thursday, February 24, 2011


I bought my very first copy of COMPLETE FASHION MAGAZINE yesterday in traffic…Whoop! Whoop! 
It was Nneka on the cover that helped clinch the deal, so I  happily parted with N500 (£2/$3.50) for it. Sony BMG Record Signee, Nneka was styled by Ebun Aboderin. I actually bought it out of curiosity 'cos I noticed the image of Nneka on the cover was rather 'raw', minimal makeup (just lipgloss) and the clothes looked unironed but on a closer look the idea kind of works as the image is reminiscent of  Oliver Twist's 'peasant boy' look. I guess Ebun was trying to keep in with Nneka's tomboyish side. So, my brief inspection over,I quickly flicked to her interview and boy, was blown away by this down-to earth personality...!

A self confessed lip gloss junky, Nneka always wears a natural look, big bouncy hair and speaks with a strong unmistakable 'Warri' accent. She is completely unfazed by the international celebrity status that her music career has bestowed on her, she remains a self assured real Naija girl..

 Born Nneka Ebuna to a German mother and and a Nigerian Father from Anambra state she was raised by a woman from Ekpoma. In her interview, she reminisces about a time in her life when all the clothes she had used to belong to someone else (Pass me downs). She decribes how she left Nigeria for Germany ending up on an Asylum project living alongside other asylum seekers and foreigners and how the racism she faced forced her to become a 'crazy revolutionary' proud of her African heritage and her Nigerian accent.. Trust me, she is one truly incredible young lady must read that piece!

As for the rest of the Magazine..It's picture-overkill, I mean it has tons and tons of images to look at from red carpet events from around the world to to Naija, fashion and life style events, pictures of designer pieces, celebrity fashion and hair plus a 'Fashion Jury' spread where their fashion experts score unsuspecting pundits on their style 'hits' and 'misses'.. Ouch!
I got through the magazine in about 20 minutes but I'm not letting go of it just yet..!  Its still got 'flip through me a bit more' written all over it…I absolutely love it!

These are interesting times in Nigeria. Although still a bit rough around the edges, fashion and fashion reporting is really coming of age here. So the next time you're in town I recommend you pick up a copy ..Its no where near Grazia or Heat..but what the heck..its Naija cool...!

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