Monday, February 28, 2011


I popped into a Lady's store asking for a product. She showed her version of  it to me but it was the wrong item. Frankly, it looked fake so I apologised and gave back the item saying "I'm sorry, that's not what I was looking for" She gave me one look and said "Sorry for yourself, why did you waste my time when you knew you wouldn't buy from me?" Shocked, I simply walked away and that's just one experience out of many...
In Lagos, if you're able to manage your expectations you will not be disappointed. First things first, be clear in your mind that the idea of a Customer Service department is a 'White Elephant", much talked about but never seen but if you miraculously find one I promise that like the one that I visited here, it will be  CLOSED. When you come to Lagos you have to be your own Customer Service Department. Stay cool, calm and collected. Don't bother unleashing the dragon within, just walk away. Trust me their madness is greater than yours but if you just happen to have received great Customer Service here in share your experience. So far mine has been quite 'rubbish' really...!


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