Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lagos loves Karen Millen's 'Curvaceous'..Do you?

The Karen Millen Curvaceous Satin Dress -
Spotted on Nollywood's Stephanie Okereke...loved by Fashionistas.

Belle of the Red Carpet
Pic by Niyi Tabiti

America's  Bethenny Frankel from
'Real Housewives of New York City' Series
was spotted wearing it on their 'Reunion Show' on Cable TV

When Nollywood Sweetheart, Stephanie Okereke  wore this  gorgeous satin dress by Karen Millen  to a movie premiere, she was most certainly the 'Belle of the Red Carpet'. Rave reviews followed and tailors got cracking creating Ankara/Aso-Ebi interpretations of the design.Some more obvious than others, some just dodgy to the core or would that be dodgy to the needle?..LOL!

This Fashionista looks
absolutely fabulous! 
Some say it's common but  I say its much loved...truth be told the dress is extremely flattering you don't even need to have a great body to pull it off.  This signature stretch fitted satin dress has a sculptured one shoulder ruffle and waterfall detail down the opposite side that enhances the body form to show-off an illusion of a feminine hour glass body. In my opinion it really should have been called 'The Illusionist' but the stylish and popular UK  high street store instead  named it 'Curvaceous' .

Curvaceous is probably one of Karen Millen the popular UK High Street Store's best sellers, celebrities just love it!

Even America's  Bethenny Frankel from 'Real Housewives of New York City' Series was spotted wearing it on their 'Reunion Show' on Cable TV soon after she had a baby and I must say; she looked absolutely fabulous. The 'Illusionist' came through for her although her great size 4 body certainly didn't show any tell tale signs of motherhood.

When 'Curvaceous' made its way to the shops, it  was just going to be another  great dress to wear to a good friend's wedding but it quickly became a fashion 'must-have' as London shops kept selling out again and again but if the dress was as a hit in London, then I guess i can safely say it was partly as a result of its double success in Lagos..where we don't even have an official Karen Millen Store or presence yet it's Karen Millen 'OVER KILL' here.

Hello Gorgeous!
Ladies just can't seem to get enough of this stylish store. I heard through a colleague that Goldie, the funky 'Mo le gba oko lo wo eh' singer only wears Karen Millen dresses. Well that's something after all Karen Millen make really stylish statements..they are not very expensive but you can't say they are cheap either…
However more than any other Karen Millen Dress, 'Curvaceous' seems to be owned and throughly rocked by many Naija Fashionistas..The true masters of illusion..LOL! Whether it's the original or a tailors Aso-ebi interpretation of it, look out for it at a party or event near you…its as though one wearer is dedicated to each party.

If I didn't know any better I would have thought the dress was on a time share arrangement across Naij..LOL…Every time I see the dress, I wonder if the  demand for the dress  sky rocketed due to the 'Stephanie Okereke' celebrity effect  or if every girl just wants that hour glass body magic it creates…Whichever way the truth is 'Karen Millen's Curvaceous' is  a red carpet success across the globe.

 As at today, even if you wanted the can't have it.  It's SOLD OUT..!!!
It was recently reduced  from £180 to £90 and it literally flew off the shelves although I think they are probably Lagos-bound..LOL! If I'm correct  'Curvaceous' will keep rearing it's gorgeous exaggerated shoulder at every other party for a long time in Nigeria..after all we are the real masters of illusion..LOL!

If you are one of the 'lucky' or not so lucky owners (depending on how you see it) of  Karen Millen's Curvaceous satin dress or just  a Karen Millen lover like me…say Yeah! Yeah!  

I say …"Yeaah! Yeaaah"…  as I raise a glass to drink to the Naija woman's  quintessential sense of style and of course I drink to the Karen Millen's Curvaceous Satin Dress…The  Honourary Nigerian Fashionista 'Body Magic' Dress!

Do you like it, own or want it? 



  1. Wow!KM is sure living up to its name "The designer of the High Street Stores". Sure know how to make the girl next door feel and look elegantly "hawt" in one of its dresses. The curvaceous does exactly that and some more, it's by far the best fitting one shoulder dress one can find in any store, very well sculptured and no matter the woman's size or shape one thing you can be sure of is none of your bits is left hanging out :)

    Definitely a must have for every fashionista. Oh, did I mention I've got one in Champagne? Yep, i sure do. Having worn it twice, i can tell you the comments make it worth every penny i paid for it :)

    Good job seriously doughnuts!

  2. I used to love Karen Millen clothes especially their dresses but i noticed the hemlines started going higher/shorter! Their dresses are like top/tunics on me so i don't buy them anymore. I'm not a fan of one shouldered dresses/tops, however this one is glamorous. It has an "i want to fly" kind of effect!


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