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Kenny Saint Brown (KSB) is one of Nigeria’s most popular gospel singers, she is an Executive Director at KENNIS Music, a one time KORA award winner  and winner of NMVA Best Gospel Artiste Award (2010) amongst many other musical accolades. I have loved her music from afar for years so I was quite excited (well, cautiously) when we finally got our photoshoot and interview with her scheduled.
It was to hold at her older brother Kenny (Keke) Ogungbe’s home, I didn’t know what to expect as interviews are never that straight forward but I love to connect with my  interviewees, it just makes things flow and both parties get the best out of it but connection or no connection I had one mission: KSB exposé...
As we drove through the massive gates of Keke of Kennis Music's home. KSB was politely waiting to receive us (Photographer & I). We made eye contact and then she gave the legendary 'KSB smile’ and somehow I knew we would be just fine..
I walked into the house, impressed with the gorgeous decor.I complimented KSB and she in turn spoke lovingly of her Sister-in-law (Bolajoko, Keke's wife), who she described as a fabulous interior decorator who made their home that beautiful..Evidently KSB adores her...
We looked through the outfits to be photographed and once we got started,I fell in love with KSB. She was the perfect professional, 'playing with the camera' and making the shoot such a delight but before I could really settle into getting to know her, I got a phone call and had to rush off leaving the photographer with her...
We rescheduled the interview and we finally met up yesterday but this time at KSB's home. One knock on the front door and there it was again..The delightful ‘KSB smile’. She looked 'on point' even though she was casually dressed with no makeup on, wearing a track suit and Tottenham Hotspurs face cap. She explained that she had just got back from the gym excused herself briefly and offered me a tall cool glass of ice tea..
A little small talk after, we started the interview. I asked her so many questions about her choice of music genre, gospel, I asked about her take on the Nigerian Music industry, about tabloid rumours of a  romantic involvement with MI , I asked about how she copes with life as a single mum to her lovely son and daughter,  about the issues that plague the Nigeria music industry, Nollywood, her new love, her relationship with Dagrin, PMAN  and so much more..
And she duly obliged as she passionately tackled each question in great detail.The interview was only meant to last 1hr but 3hrs after we were still there talking and sipping on even more ice tea..
She believes she is ‘called’ by God to service and whatever your take on that is , I can tell you that it's a calling she takes seriously, one she has dedicated her life to and one she is willing to do for as long as God says so..
I saw a side of KSB that not a lot of people see, a happy, astute, energetic woman, content with her lot in life and a huge love for God, she is aware that many may question her calling, many may try to hold her back but she is clear that as long as she stays the course, the one that called her will surely reward her if he finds her faithful! What a vivacious, down-to-earth, real, passionate and switched on woman she is! If she had one message to share it would speak directly to the heart mobilizing each person to set their eyes on God alone while enjoying all that God has made available..That message I personally find timely.I guess that’s why after my longest interview to date I came out feeling refreshed and it was nothing to do with the ice tea. 

KSB is deep and I like that in a woman. She’s had her fair share of trials and tribulations, heartbreaks, disappointments et all but still she remains an unstoppable trail blazer in the gospel music genre carrying on and holding up the gospel of Jesus Christ with swagger and I truly admire her strength.

Yes, I’m unashamed to say I love Kenny Saint Brown and while I carry on with my daily grind of paper chasing or ‘rat racing’ as its called on this side of the world, I can’t help but but wish for the prayer points in ‘Turn Around’, an upbeat clubbanger KSB wrote featuring the Late DaGrin..God rest his soul.

Love her or loathe her, KSB is taking gospel music to the streets and places where ‘trado’ gospel outreach programs may never reach. Now how can you say that is not God-inspired?? 

KSB’s New Album TURN AROUND featuring Dagrin, Eldee, Terry G,
MI,Jaywon is now out on the streets of Lagos.

KSB, Seriously Doughnuts salutes you..


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