Friday, February 18, 2011


Does Richard Mofe Damijo still have the X-Factor?

Remember back in the days when every girl wanted a piece of Actor, Richard Mofe Damijo? He was the Denzel Washington of our time a fashionably conscious trendsetter, charming, eloquent and distinguished personality, you know..the quintessential gentleman. Well those were the good old days....
Fast forward to 2011, Richard Mofe Damijo has done the ‘vintage wine thing’ on us...he is currently not active in Nollywood, very married, still good looking,all grown up and now a Commisioner but you know what, I speak for all Naija girls when I say although we remember the euphoria around him, we have all well and truly gotten over him but in fairness and credit to our old soldier, no other man in Nollywood has quite managed to fit into the big ‘ Lady-puller’ shoes of Richard Mofe-Damijo in his hay days..
New Kid on the Block, Desmond Elliot
Or so I thought until I overheard a group of young girls drooling over Nollywood Actor, Desmond Elliot! What? Desmond Elliot ke? I rudely cut into the conversation and asked why?what?how? what about Desmond Elliot made these girls fall so deeply madly head over heels for him? Paying no attention to my bad manners, the girls happily described how he was so cute! How he always looked dapper..Dapper? I asked..’but he always wears dodgy pin stripped suits with high collars - Not exactly dapper n my opinion’ I added
but one of the girls quickly jumped in explaining that I shouldn’t judge him by what he wears on screen that I need to see him off screen to appreciate him. According to this groupie ‘Desmond is the most handsome and best dressed guy in Nollywood’. 
All I could say was “Really?”
Even though I kind of agree that Desmond is good looking, in my opinion he lacks a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that Richard Mofe Damijo had in abundance. He could have mobilized the nations women to go to war if he said the words...but truth be told my survey shows that I am in the minority as every other girl I have asked about Desmond, smiles before showering sweet words over Desmond. “He is so cool, he is a power dresser, he is our Denzel Washington”..are just a few more  random opinions I gathered..
Challenged but not defeated by the number of Desmond Elliot’s soldier girls, I am officially throwing the survey open to Nigeria..please tell me what you think.
Is Desmond Elliot to Nigeria what Richard Mofe Damijo was to the Nation BIA  (Before internet access) ?????
Although personally I won’t lose sleep over Richard or Desmond...
Richard Mofe Damijo certainly has my vote! Richard Mofe Damijo for President!!! 
Ooops! I mean Richard Mofe Damijo for Nigeria's  Denzel Washington!!!

DESMOND OR RICHARD??? Who has the X-Factor?
How do you vote?



  1. Hi,
    just read this write-up and i must say i ilke both of these guys but i have a soft spot for RMD. I have always had that respect for him.I respect both of them and i always like to watch them in any movie once thay are on the jacket. Bur RMD tips it for me he's got this elan, panache, presence about it. like your blog by the way.

  2. There's no comparison between the two. RMD wins this hands down! I remember Desmond Elliot tried to be friendly with me on FB after he saw my picture on a FB contact's page. He couldn't string one correct sentence of English properly. That left a bad taste in my mouth. RMD on the other hand, has the X-factor!!

  3. There's no comparison, it's RMD any day, any time. Always looking dapper,well spoken and articulate. Desmond who?

  4. I am a guy and You just cannot compare them - RMD wins anyday.

  5. RMD's got the 'swagger' anytime, anyday. Desmond's ok, but he's a roadside photocopy compared to RMD (i like Desmond oh lol)!. Maybe our preference to RMD is due to the generation difference of being a late '70s child :@

  6. I think this comaprison is an insult to RMD. This is a clear case of ABINIBI and ABILITY. The swagger and panache comes effortlessly to RMD. He has the natural elegance in him and looking dapper comes naturally to him. When he's talking you have to listen, the smile, the dimples, the tone of his voice..... Desmond, count your blessing but its not as much as RMD'


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