Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Omotola wearing the outfit that
 fuelled the uproar..Pic:VangaurdEnt.

The nation seems to have turned against our Nollywood Sweetheart, Omotola Jalade regarding her weight gain and her choice of outfit for the Grammy awards 2011 but he whole thing just upsets me because this country is full of deceitful people…
Yes! Deceitful people I said..! Did we not all sing merrily together Wande Coal's song 'Oroboh toh bad'? Was Dr Sid not gallivanting around town wearing a T-shirt with 'Oroboh Sweet Pass Lepa' printed on it? Did Sound Sultan not sing another 'Oroboh' anthem, all praising the voluptuous woman ? Could they all be patronising liars ? 
Dr Sid of MoHits wearing his legendary
well-rocked 'Orobo Sweet Pass Lepa'
I mean, how else can I sum up all the horrible comments concerning Omotola's little bulge which every woman has by the way on webpages, blogs etc..
People, listen! I'm also an 'Oroboh' a size 16 going on 14  'Oroboh' and in Nigeria as you can see, it's not easy for 'plus-size' ladies..The tongues just keep wagging..!!!!
"Get yourself a girdle or tummy trimmer or body magic" I hear you say …I say "whatever" or in Wazobia speak "na you get your mouth oh.."
Cos you know what sometimes not even body magic can handle our junk, after all we are REAL WOMEN bearing scars of life's throws not 'plastic fantastic' as the world chooses to impose on us..

In fact forget the world for now, even on the streets of Lagos, skinny girls AKA 'Lepa' rule. Strutting their 'stick meat' legs around town and making life even more difficult for us the chubby ones. Thank God for our REAL MEN (esp. our husbands) that prefer us with a bit of flesh at least they say the love us as we are...probably lies but its all good..we like anyway!

Between you and I though, since I got to this town, I have wanted nothing more than a 'Naija Body' but now I think I need it urgently 'cos if I was on the receiving end of half of the insults hurled at Omotola, I would probably be on the next plane back to England but you know what? on second thoughts, I won't even bother instead I will stand up alongside my 'Oroboh' comrades and face the world..! Bulge to bulge, bumper to bumper!

The Real 'Naija Body'
Miss Funmi Iyanda
We will fight for our right to strut our stuff  like anyone else. We will wear what ever we like not only because its available in our size but because LEPA OR OROBOH, every woman should have equal opportunities when it comes to fashion..
We refuse to be bullied by 'skinny' people about our 'not so flat tummy' and if fashion is our witness..WE SHALL OVERCOME…

So I warn you 'skinny' lot desist from your insults, we only need to sit on you to silence you and forget about trying to steal our men cos we'll seat on them too..even if we don't they won't go anyway, just ask Dr Sid why...Got it???

You have been warned..!!!

Now where is my Gym bag???  The treadmill awaits me...heeee! heee!

To my 'Skinny' friends I was only joking, eh! (you don't have stick meat legs..honest!)...I will soon join your 'Lepa' camp but seriously peeps, please leave OmoT alone haba!



  1. I don't care what t-shirts say and who dey wear am, Oroboh o or Lepa, everybody should dress size AND age appropriate. This was a huge FAIL for Omotola. Omotola should NOT have worn that dress, as an Oroboh size 12 (36-29-42), I don't wear white. White enlarges, SHORT white is even worse! She had to pull the dress down which ended up showing her brassiere. Abeg, na she bring that abuse on herself when she didn't take off the rose colored lenses in front of the mirror!

  2. Epic fail! You don’t go to the Grammys looking like this. The dress is very unflattering and makes her look tacky. Her hair is also untidy looking. I’m all for shapely women but the bingo wings and tummy bulge are an eyesore. After 4 kids she still looks good and no one expects her tummy to be table flat. Omotola usually gets it right but this time she failed. I’d have preferred if she rocked an embellished Ankara outfit by a Nigerian designer; Odion M, Jewel by Lisa, Ituen Basi or even Tiffany Amber. Also, she should have had her hair in a chignon for the oomph look.

  3. Orobo girls are in denial!!! You guys need to get your fat butts off the couch and start exercising more and eat less okele kind of foods. Your husbands lie to you that they prefer you as you are but are actually eyeing up the lepas and wishing you fatties are looking just as good. Omofatty messed up big time with that dress!

  4. Bola just got referred to your blog (well done by the way) but c'mon either you are cruising to sort her out (and she really needs sorting out) or Naija has so changed you that you think what she was wearing is acceptable on any level.

  5. Nicely written ! Bola, but the Truth MUST be said ... what a hideous dress ! Omo Sexy should know better, The Hair!! proly 'AMIGOS', Her Tummy all over the place ! it's THE GRAMMY AWARDS we are talking about here ! Come on!!!!!!

  6. The issue wasn't her size you know. The issue was that she dressed with an astonishing lack of style.

  7. This dress looks like what was sold on yaba railway years back. Sure is she had worn a naija print, eg: iro and buba, sure would have made sense. At least she has looked much more better and stunning.The size is not d issue here. Monique and queen latifah are plus sized peeps check them out all d time.


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