Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Finally the most anticipated music video in the history of Nigerian entertainment has dropped.YES! It’s Dbanj and Don Jazzy’s ‘Endowed’ remix featuring American Rap Icon Snoop D-O-DOUBLE G... and it’s super HOT!
Won’t lie though when I noticed the Video Producer’s name :SESAN first reaction was disappointment and then the words .. ‘What the heck??? Not again!’...I’m sorry I haven’t been impressed by any of the videos he has created for my opinion they always look low budget and quite wack!.....BUT I have to say that this time SESAN rose to the occasion..This new video unlike Sesan’s previous installations looks clean, well shot, well edited and such a joy to watch...The concept is fun..really engaging...great use of props...great story .... the stuff great videos are made of...! Let’s just say on this occasion SESAN delivered the goodies.

I absolutely love the video..I don’t want to spoil the viewing for you but look out for the scene where Dbanj hands Snoop a Nigerian passport...with an authentic Nigerian Name...’OluwaSnoop’...LOL!
Check out the scene with the $bills toilet roll...and the part where Dbanj teaches Snoop some of his dance moves..absolutely cool...this video is like a christmas stocking packed with lots of goodies...

Lyrically, Dbanj over-delivered...I love the line “I’m so cool I have a school”...and then his contentious response to his haters..”Count your blessing..O ni to mi”...(which translates to count your aint got as much as me)....OUCH!
Oh well...Dbanj...Don Jazzy..MoHits Records...Uncle Snoop..(as D’banj fondly calls him) guys are just toooooo HOT!
Well done SESAN..on this occasion...Very well done!
Meanwhile peeps here is the video...what do you think ...You likey??



  1. Hmm, to raunchy for me he would have scored better without the ladies.

  2. I agree with anonymous..i know this video style what supposedly sells but what message are we sending out there with this copy cat ''hoochie'' video culture? are we saying talent cannot sell until there is vulgarity?
    I challenge Dbanj and others to break this trend and get on the mature band wagon i beg!...not to sound self righteous but these girls too sef, where are their parents??

  3. "but these girls too sef, where are their parents??" I dnt see anything wrong wit dem girls ... it is called acting .

  4. I LOVE IT MEEEN ....

  5. You all need to know that this is business. it is what the market requests for that it will get. if this culture doesn't sell, no business, entertainer or not, will display it! Lets stop been hypo____ I may not personally endorse, but it sells. As a businessman, I wont sell a product no one is willing to buy. period.


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