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In a photoshoot with MONASH  and some of her 'clients' who also doubled up as her models on the day. In Pic: Oyinda Olashoju, Tutu Abbas, Monsurat Shobayo(MONASH), yours truly, Bola Obileye, Yosola Kuku and Maylin Adebayo

Maylin Adebayo and Yosola Kuku in MONASH
Direction:Bola Obileye
Pic by Koya for Ovation Magazine

The Monash Label is the brain child of Monsurat Shobayo. Mona as she is fondly called, is an avid fashionista who returned to Nigeria in 2008 from the United States of America.
Her motherland journey started to evolve in 2007,when she began toying with the idea of returning home. So, she  spent  most of that year going back and forth between America and Nigeria.By 2008, she finally made the decision packed her bags and returned home to Nigeria with her husband and sons after 14 years away.

Today, she happily lives in Lagos where she runs her label, MONASH. Over the years the MONASH label has become synonymous with wearable style and exquisite design. 
In less than 3 years, she has built an A-list clientele that includes celebrities and politicians but she is much loved and adored by 'Elite Lagos Fashionistas', who trust her creative knack. Indeed, whenever there is a big 'A-List' event in Lagos, the house of MONASH becomes a fashionista haven..Jimmy Choos, Louboutins, Louis Vuitton handbags, Aunty Funmi Hair all stroll in and out ..A day with MONASH truly brings to mind the essence of Lagos life,where fashion and style rules..

I caught up with Mona for a 'slam dunk' interview after a fashion shoot that I styled showcasing her collection for Ovation International Magazine, do look out for that issue.


I took 4 Minutes of Mona's busy schedule to ask her 4 Random Questions

SD: Why did you start the MONASH label?
Mona: I'm passionate about fashion, MONASH just came naturally..

SD: What would you say to a Nigerian in the diaspora that wants to come back home but isn't sure?
Mona: I would say have something in mind that you want to do before coming to Nigeria, do your research and invest time coming back and forth for sometime before packing and moving down. Whatever you do, do not come without a plan, have a business idea  or something just make sure you  come prepared.

SD: I have known you as a serious fashionista for many years, tell us what your top 3 most loved  fashion accessories are?
Mona: My brown platform shoes, chandelier earrings and clutch bag.

SD: Fashion is so alive in Nigeria but its also a tough terrain to live in…! Would you consider going back to live in America?
Mona: Yanke ke ? Noo oh! Never!  Omo Naija ni mi oh!
SD: Swagger!!! LOL!

PS: For pictures from the photo shoot and a more detailed interview with Monash look out for Ovation International Magazine. Do grab a copy!
For more info about Monash feel free to email me..

Below are blackberry pictures of Mona's favourite fashion pieces...picked from her closet..I love Lagos meeen...!

Her fav shoes: 
I had a quick look at
 the shoes..

Ohh YSL..Nicey!
Her fav earrings:
OMG! Diamonds..
Le Magnifique!
  Love it!
Her fav bag:
Chanel...Ohh! Tres Chic!


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  1. From the pictures i see of Yosola Kuku in traditional attires, she always looks on point. If she’s the fashion designer she uses, job well done. However, i have an issue with these so-called designers. They are still struggling to make clothes for long bodies! Made to measure/haute couture or off the shelf/prêt-à-porter, i find them imperfectly fitting for my 5’11 frame. That should be their next challenge!! LOL!!!


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