Sunday, February 6, 2011


Nigeria has some serious problems.In fact 'some' puts it lightly. Referring to Nigeria as a 'third world' country is only political correctness. Nigeria is still many many worlds behind. Being 'underdeveloped' suggests that reasonable development has taken place and just requires a bit of polishing. In my opinion this is NOT the case in Nigeria. Nigeria is far from development.The giant of Africa is nothing but a 'Glorified Shanty Town'. A country that cannot boast of uninterrupted power supply, clean and drinkable water supply to homes, a reliable healthcare system that caters to its citizens needs, a structure that ensures the health and safety of its people. Our roads are the worst you can imagine dotted with pot holes that have claimed many lives. The list goes on and on but the most heartbreaking for me is how our educational system continues to let our fellow citizens down…illiteracy is still the order of the day for majority of Nigerians..we have a long long way to go..I mean how do you stay faithful and loyal to a country that offers you nothing not even an environment that fosters its citizens to put food on the table to give strength to serve Nigeria with.Yet we are an oil-rich nation…hmmm.Nigeria, my Nigeria!

But hope is NOT lost.The tide is changing, a shaking up and stirring up, a renaissance of great Nigerian patriots. It's as though we all suddenly remembered our pledge to Nigeria our country, to be be faithful, loyal and honest, to serve Nigeria with all our strength, to defend her unity, to uphold her honour and glory so help us God. Indeed, God is the only one that can strengthen the chosen ones for the task ahead. The task to change Nigeria for Good.
After living in England for most of my adult years it feels like being back in a village but you know what it's my village and I'm determined to contribute my bit to the creation of a 'NEW NIGERIA'. I'm convinced that the problems of Nigeria can only be resolved by Nigerians and unlike other groups calling for Nigerians in the 'Diaspora' to return home, I can only make that call to those that are 'Called' to be a part of the change Nigeria needs.
So, to my 'Diaspora' friends, don't be fooled by the airbrushed pictures, red carpet images,huge homes, nice cars etc you see on popular blogs..There is a lot more you don't see and it's 'UGLY'. The reality of the Nigeria is no fairytale.
Nothing works, only 1% of a country of 150million people live  the 'Nigerian Dream' so don't hurry home yet. Search inside of you, pray and fast if you have to, before you pack your bags be clear of the realities on ground. Except you are coming home to be a part of change you might as well stay abroad and live the 'good' life enjoy uninterrupted power, telephone, internet and new emerging technology ( and send money to your loved ones, they really need it!)

Trust me, no matter how bad the London transport system gets, it beats getting on an Okada like millions of Nigerians everyday. No matter how annoying bendy buses are, they're better than Molue buses. But if you want to come home to be one of the ones that are going to create a 'NEW NIGERIA', then hurry home.Nigeria needs you..If we had just 50 people with vision, we can more than  achieve greatness as a Nation..Just imagine we had 50 Governor Fasholas…How great Nigeria  would be!
So while I have chosen this 'Village' life for now…in comparison to living in a real developed nation like the UK, I do so knowing that in my own little way I will aim to contribute to my fatherland,NIGERIA and as complex as Nigeria's problems seem, I know in my heart that change will come and I crave to be a part of it.
Whether you are a Nigerian at home or abroad.. We are all stakeholders and cheerleaders for our great country, Nigeria. The Giant of Africa will rise again! Yes Nigeria will rise again. If you are a Registered Voter, well done..!  Voting alone will not change Nigeria but it's a good start. Let's VOTE in people with VISION..Let us take a stand for CHANGE, we can no longer afford to be spectators, while our country crumbles, we must use our VOICE, WE MUST VOTE, WE MUST CHANGE NIGERIA.

Arise oh Compatriots! Nigeria calls..... Will you obey???

May we seize this opportunity to celebrate the life of a returnee in service of Nigeria as we send our condolence to the family of Former INEC Chairman, Dr Abel Guobadia, who served from 2002-2005 as INEC boss where he introduced the nation's first electronic voter's register. Dr Abel Guodabia returned to Nigeria in 1966 after studying at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA where he was awarded a doctorate degree in Solid State Physics. His achievements include establishing INEC's ICT department, which is reported to be the largest department in INEC to date.
Dr Guadobia died on the 4th of Feb 2011 at the age of 78. May his soul rest in peace.

God Bless You.. God Bless Nigeria!


  1. Bola I am really impressed by this post.I must say that i'm glad someone is thinking like me,we need to begin to think of restoring Nigeria back to becoming the giant that she used to be.For those of us who will not stay in the US and UK because its convenient but will go back home to help our brothers and sisters God will see us through and help us accomplish our dreams

  2. Compaittress,I love this blog.Its worth dying for.Its a meeting point for the new Nigerian Revolution we are clamouring for.Please keep it on.


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