Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Putting all our woes aside and looking at the bright side of Naij...You can’t help but marvel at how individually and collectively we remain ever so vivacious and colourful..What better way to add colour and spice to life than fashion?  Despite everything, we have the fashion front covered big time!!! Fashion and style comes to us naturaly.  Boy! Nigerians love to look good and with  every occasion  a new opportunity presents itself to play dress-up as though there was a prize at stake! Women are quick to grab the limelight creating show-stopping outfits to woo a crowd of ten thousand and whether or not you think they look hot, they strut their stuff like they certainly know so..At a recent event, I looked in amazement at how ladies slowly walked towards the row of waiting snap happy photographers. They would then literally stop and twist and turn as the cameras snapped and flashed away..I even overheard a lady say to her partner, “I hope I come out in one of these magazines”...All I could think of was ’Naija For Show’
The 'Game of Fashion' rules in Nigeria and in Nigeria two can certainly play that game.If you thought it was just the ladies spending time in front of the mirror planning their red carpet look, think again! Naija guys are just as style conscious as our women folk. Trust me they won’t let you steal their shine, from suited and booted looks, Dapper darlings to casual steppers... In Nigezie speak “Boyz are NOT playing”. When it comes to fashion even though men let the women hug the limelight, theirs is an unspoken style that never goes unnoticed... 
Step aside ladies..‘Here comes the Boys....’

DJ Jimmy Jatt is undisputedly Nigeria's No. 1 DJ. When it comes to fashion stakes, sharp dresser Jimmy always makes the top cut. Level-headed Dayo Adeneye also known as D1 of Kennis Music shows us how fashion is done the 'Gentleman' way.Wande Coal of  Mo'Hits Records gives 'Orobo toh bad' a new meaning..It's Wandeeey Cooal....!

Comedian Teju Baby-Face always goes for the 'Dapper Dude' look
Suits him to a  capital 'T".  Banky W AKA Mr Capable won FAB Mag's Best Dressed Male Award 2010
He tends to go for bespoke pieces proudly made in Nigeria by Award Winning Designer, Mai Atafo

Dare Art-Alade
The first time I met Dare Art-Alade was at an Awards Show, he smiled and we shook hands.He was ever so polite, made eye contact and spoke with me with a hand to his chest like a true gentleman, just like his father..I remember how as a child my dad and I would go to his favourite entertainment hub to watch 'Art-Alade' (Dare's father) perform.What an entertainer he was..God rest his soul. Thankfully we have Dare to keep the 'Art-Alade' flag flying in such an honourable way...
Nostalgia aside..on the fashion tip, Dare shows us why he is the master of street credibility with his 'laid-back' funky style..By the way, I love his new single 'Ba Ni Kidi'..its like nothing you've ever heard from Dare...It's totally brilliant!

AY and Julius Agwu both seem to be adhering to an unspoken wardrobe code: Sunglasses? Check! T-Shirts? Check! Jeans? Check!  Shoes? Freestyle!!! Check out Julius' Boots...Naija's got nothing on you meeen! Taofeek Okoya (behind AY) is a regular face on the Lagos social scene..even in the corner you can tell that style is no stranger to this scion of Chief Rasak Okoya.

Naija Boyz... SeriouslyDoughnuts salutes you...but please... pass us the mirror when you're done.The girls want it back!!!

Have a great week peeps!

Seriously mad about fun...over and out...!!!

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