Monday, February 21, 2011


I drove past the Marina Beach front where the Sunborn Yacht Hotel is moored in Lagos and I just couldn't believe it was the same hotel that only a few years ago was decribed as 'The Pride of London and Great Britain'.
Instead it laid there like the 'waste of Lagos' with broken windows, rusty shells, unused and derelict..I did a double take like my eyes were playing tricks on me and then took some pictures on my phone. Looking at the pictures, I can't help but feel sad..what a waste..! I remember back in England how the Sunborn Yacht Hotel was a choice venue, for weddings, birthdays and exclusive events and even more personal, I remember spending a whole day there with some of my models and photographer on a fashion shoot for a whole day in what was a truly breath-taking location..I touched and experienced every nook and cranny of the Yacht and I can tell you..It was truly ostentatious, opulent, beautiful, elegant and world-class..

This picture was one of the shots we took on location at the Sunborn Yatch Hotel when it was still in London. (I styled the shoot, hair, accessories the lot...It was lots of fun! The corset dress was designed by Adebayo Jones Couture). The theme of the shoot was 'Opulence' and the Sunborn Yacht was the perfect location. Beautiful on the inside and outside...Absolutely need to see the rest of the images from the photoshoot..which I would happily release if it could save the yacht..but I doubt it very much..

The Sunborn Yacht Hotel London was the world’s first custom built Yacht Hotel offering business travellers and holidaymakers a truly unique accommodation experience. It was originally set within a breathtaking waterfront environment in the historic Royal Docks and adjacent to the ExCeL centre (West entrance). According to reports, A Consortium, including the Lagos state government paid £20 million for the 5,800-tonne vessel whichwas towed away on 6 August 2008 for its new home in Nigeria.

When the Sunborn Yacht Hotel arrived in Lagos in November 2008, an official described the yacht hotel as "a delightful addition to the Lagos skyline as it would add value by being one of the very few floating hotels in the world thereby putting Lagos in the league of cities like New York, Barcelona, Paris and Finland just as it has already put the state ahead of cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, which are said to be at various stages of setting up similar floating hotels..."  

Yet to date, the Yacht lies derelict, unused and in ruins...In my opinion, the Sunborn Yacht hotel has been robbed of its rightful position as a pride hotel of the world..I have personally seen, touched and experienced the Sunborn Yacht hotel and I know that no matter what the issues are around it, finances,corruption, mismanagement etc, the Sunborn Yacht Hotel does not deserve to rot away before the very eyes of the world in this manner ..Nigeria..My Nigeria..

Wake up Nigeria from your slumber and rescue this dying beauty at our doorstep...


  1. I have hissed in disgust each time I pass through where theSunburn yatch is lying waste in Lagos.It is in our character to spoil and destroy what others have taken time and resources to build.I am ashamed that the Lagos state government is ignoring this yatch..same for the various ships wrecked on Lagos sea shores.cant they be put to good relaxation spots? wake up Nigeria.

  2. I really don't understand the whole point of spending all that money to bring the Sunburn yatch to Lagos. Saw it when I was on holiday last year and couldn't believe that a once thriving 'venture' on the waterfront of East London is now lying waste in Lagos. Misplaced priorities or sheer nonsense...don't know but it is such a big shame. Yes, we need to wake up o! That money could have been well used on a more meaningful project.

  3. this is what we get when our leaders act before they think on a self centered mind set

  4. I truly had no idea that it was such an opulent yacht. If you had not posted that lovely picture and affirmed that you had indeed been in it, I would never have made the link to that piece of rotting metal on the Marina. Sad. Sad.

    Thanks for educating me.

  5. Please when will all this economic waste stop in Nigeria? It's a pity!

  6. I have stayed on the sunborn yatch when it was moored in London. It was a beautiful hotel & vessel. How can any buy such a beautiful vessel & allow it become a wreck in such a short time? Huge investment in elegance, beauty & form to trash it.


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