Tuesday, February 8, 2011


If you ever wondered what a Naija Body is..
Whoops...here it is...!
Well...pick one then..!

'Fierce' does not start to describe how gorgeous the girls on this part of the world can look but I will give it a shot in 3 more words…'Slim', 'Pretty', 'Super-Audacious' (OK 4 words ?.)..Get the picture? With regular salon trips, makeup, hair and nail fixes..Naija girls will give you a run for your money, pound for pound.From light skinned girls to dark skinned girls,skinny to robust like car models, Nigeria has every spec. Women lock up their husbands. Men pretend not to see them. You can run but you can't hide Naija girls are  SMOKING HOT and they are everywhere!!! I can't help but wonder if men find it difficult to stay faithful to their partners especially in a country like Nigeria, where polygamy is not particularly frowned upon. 
There is only one way out Ladies….Don't hate..Just get your own 'Naija Body' and set your man free...
Easier said than done right? Right you are!
As for me..I'm still trying to get a Naija visa for mine..LOL! OK..who am I kidding am off to the gym….but just before I push some imaginary weights...It's confession time people..

Do you think men find it difficult to stay faithful to their partners in Nigeria?

Even more pretty young girls...I'm really..really..really off to the Gym:)


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