Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Checkout the satin detail..kilode?
1 man, 1 million sequins toh bad!
Don’t get it twisted..Dbanj is a beautiful thing..I love him meeen, he needs no introduction. A fabulous entertainer and the perfect showman but what I don’t get is why his odd stylist still belts out these shiny frocks. From satins to jacquards, sequins to cubic zirconia (I know they’re not diamonds jooo..LOL!) this stylist has imposed his blings on my Dbanj and the nation as a whole...What’s up with that? As in kilode?
Unsuspecting Dbanj does not seem to notice though, he always wears sunglasses, what we see is not what he sees so I won’t blame him (any excuse for my Dbanj..LOL) but I’m on a mission to name and shame the stylist responsible for making 'Dbanj' and 'dapper' mutually exclusive. If anyone knows who his stylist is speak now..! He needs to be sent with the peace keeping force to a neighbouring African country, where he’ll be forced to make distracting military uniforms with enough blings to blind the oppositions army...
Meanwhile peeps, forgive my Dbanj..its the stylist we need to grab and when we get him the nation will say in unison  “Oooooooooosheee”

Ladies and gentlemen, on SD Sack your Stylist, it’s my other sweetie.. Fine boi...Dbanj Toh Bling!!! ...Ladies hands off..he really belongs to Genevieve Nnaji...(awwwww...sweet:))


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