Monday, February 28, 2011


 My Sister-in-law sent me and my boys a trailer load of 'janded' food this weekend..Whoop! Whoop! and for the first time ever I understand the correlation between food and happiness.
Of course, these foods are available here but they are thrice as much money and not always from the UK. Often times they are from Dubai, Egypt, South Africa etc maybe its my mouth but they don't taste the same joo. Even the little 'nik naks' I used to take for granted in London are a luxury here in Naij but you know what with my kitchen stocked up with all my 'jand' food, my boys are hugging and kissing me more knowing they'll get more delicious rewards than 'Kpako' biscuits. I even noticed that my son's british accent fully resurfaced last night (Halleluyah!) as he pleaded for another pack of chocolates ...hmmmm! maybe chocolates stimulate the part of the brain that controls 'foneh' oh!
Kai! wonders of jand food! As for me, I'm super happy that for the next 4 weeks my boys will be under my 'jand spell' .  In fact I'm already planning my next London trip from the Airport straight to 'Food shop' at  Tesco Supermarket hoping it'll help secure my son's 'foneh' (British accent) so he can work as an intern at The Beat 99.9 FM, Naijas only 'foneh-speaking' radio station LOL! (Shhh! I shamelessly love em!) Hand to chest I pray, so help me God of Jand!

PS:Thanks so much Sis Feyi..We'll call you tonight so you can hear Tob's foneh..thanks to your chocolate overdose..LOL!



  1. Hey Bolly Pumping! Was rolling on the floor with laughter when i saw this!
    You Sha!!!!!
    You know i always aim to put a smile on your face and that of my boys.
    Miss you so much especially with all your natural effizzy!
    Others try so hard but it's just not the same!
    A bit FORCED, she u get.
    But Bolly Pumping- Effortless!
    Keep Keeping it real sis.

  2. LMAOOO.Cant rememebr how I got here but I am glued and I am off to your archives....


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