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On the 29th of Jan 2011, SeriouslyDoughnuts reported about the kidnapping of Michael Neri and Ify Eneli and the blackberry broadcast everyone seemed to have received regarding the same. If you missed that check it out here: Michael Neri Kidnapped???
At that time we all hoped it was untrue but unfortunately SeriouslyDoughnuts.Blogspot.Com  can now confirm that the unfortunate incident is actually true...Ify Eneli and Michael Neri were kidnapped and a ransome of 50M is being requested.

A visit to the Eneli residence reveals all. A barricade of police cars parked outside, 2 armed Mobile police officers (MOPOLs) and 4 armed police officers...approaching the house you feel the sadness, the stress, the pain and the confusion the incident had imposed on the rather quiet Christian was as though someone had died..
Ify Eneli is much loved and missed by her family but as the days go by with  her in the hands of men of the underworld, her family and friends continue to uphold her in prayers..hopping and praying she would be returned to them alive..
The kidnappers have been in touch with her family demanding N50M.
But thankfully they know she is alive..hope is not lost. The kidnappers telephoned the Enelis. Ify came on the phone yesterday and said “Mummy, it’s me and i’m fine. Just do what they say” and the line went off...
But how does a family handle this??? all standards is a lot of cash ...thats £200,000. But this is not a transaction, Ify Eneli is their child, their love, their baby girl...snatched, kidnapped and in the hands of strange men in a strange place..
The Eneli family strong in their christian faith are holding unto God, trusting that she will be returned safely as the entire family, Ify’s Siblings, their spouses and their friends, Uncles and Aunties.. are rallying round to raise the ransom....
Our thoughts at SeriouslyDoughnuts.Blogspot.Com and prayers are with the Eneli family at this time..
But how did this happen? how did a night out with a friend go badly wrong? SeriouslyDoughnuts enquired. According to our source, Michael Neri, a Nightclub Promoter (who once lived in America but now based in London) had apparently come in from London under invitation of other nightclub promoters who needed his expertise to promote a nightclub in Lagos. He was put up in a hotel in highbrow, Ikoyi. 
Michael and Ify had been friends from days when Ify was a student at Queens College and Michael Neri at Kings College. The evening started off with Ify picking Michael up at the hotel, driving her sleek Mercedes C-230. The plan was simple have fun on the town the Lagos way -Nightclubbing. Destination: LikWid Club, Victoria Island, Lagos. They were apparently leaving LikWid nightclub at around 1am when the pair were suddenly waylaid by strange men who pushed them into a car and drove off.
Due to ongoing Police Investigations, we cannot give further details at this time but as family and friends pull together at this difficult time, request your kind prayers to uphold the Eneli and Neri families as we continue to hope and pray for the safe return of Ify Eneli and Michael Neri...
As our source rightly concluded “This is a nightmare, I do not wish it on anyone”
Special thanks to our insider source: You know who you are! God bless and keep you.
So guys stay safe...God be with us all...
We are still .....stay tuned!

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  1. I saw this on another blog and i hope it's not true!

    "Its a blessing that Mr. Neri is home safe! Now he can tell everybody where Ify is!!! There are reports claiming he was using his twitter and facebook while being detained (and even showed proof of such),is that normal to use social media when kidnapped? Why would kidnappers release one and not the other? He is in debt to alot of people in London and apparently left at the spur of the moment after an event he did went awry and he was accused of robbing peoples money! I sure hope that they didnt concoct a plan to make some money, however I am not accusing! Has anyone seen a police report or an actual article (not twitter, not a blog, not a bbm broadcast)? I pray for both of their safety and know that they are in Gods hands. He forgives!"


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