Sunday, February 27, 2011


Finders Keepers..The young clubber rocking Ikechukwu's glasses picked up
 at Ikechukwu's Rehab Fight..toh critical..! 

Driving through traffic I noticed a street trader that had a copy of Neato C's new album - Super Season, so I bought it but just before we drove off, the vendor blurted out in pidgin english "You no go buy him brother own?". Curious, I asked "His brother sings?", the vendor quickly whipped out another CD at me and said "Ikechukwu na him brother", I laughed and bought that too not because I like Ikechukwu AKA Killz,but because I'm trying to forgive him. Truth is, I'm scared of Ikechukwu. When I think of 'Killz' as he likes to call himself, I remember the night of his big fight outside the Rehab when a few friends and I had stopped by at the club to pass time before the MTV Awards After-party commenced.Well, you all know what happened. Right before our eyes, International Musician, Killz almost 'Killzed' the Bouncer when he was refused entry into the club after Neato C and others where allowed in.
The Musical Karate Kid...
'Killz' took his shirt and 'shakomended' glasses off, the happy dude pictured next to him picked up Killz  glasses and started rocking it (I think he also picked the shirt too).So Ikechukwu, you know who to go to if you want your 'goggles' back but please 'Killz' don't  'Killz' the guy, he was just having fun on the night watching the Real Karate Kid, live at the Rehab and in Killz words the fight was really 'critical'. That's actually Track 2 (Critical) on Killz' album..The Alliance Reconstructed. Ikechukwu has since issued an apology albeit 'half-baked' but an apology all the same, so forgive him too and grab a copy of his new album. Just ask for Neato C's brother on the streets or Karate Kid if you're around VI. Their albums looks loaded although I haven't had time to listen to either but I'll let you know what I think when I do but from air play, I love Naeto C's 'Share my Blessings' (Track 12) featuring Asa and from Killz album…emmmm? O Critical…!
The Gentleman and that's ten over ten..Shikena!
(Track 10)
Obviously the street trader's understanding of family structure is a bit warped when it comes to these two but if Neato C and Ikechukwu were really brothers one would be the gentleman and the other, the soldier. I guess you don't need any clues there. Clearly  O digital...! LOL!

*LOL - Laugh Out Loud*

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  1. Just came to Naija last winter after I Left some years ago. I was not prepared to realise that I was lagging way behind in the music world!!! One of the first songs I got introduced to was 10/10.Walai, I will still be 10/10ing till my next trip to naija...cos I know my music levels might not change before then


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