Thursday, February 24, 2011


Muma Gee is Nigeria's very talented Musician, Nollywood Feature Actress and Men's Underwear Designer. A fantastic entertainer who has perfected the art of grabbing the nation's undivided attention not only with her gorgeous face but also with her eccentric sense of  style. Mind bugling as it was, I finally managed to rationalise the idea behind this very red look here..It's just Pure Entertainment..the Muma Gee way!
Fashion and Style according to Muma Gee..
Entertainment in a dress..or is it?
You just try to describe this dress to a friend, I guarantee you will no doubt sound like you've lost your marbles..
Muma Gee's creative license gives free reign to dish out her 'take on fashion' on Nigeria afterall, we cant really expect her to look like a mere mortal now..can we? so, like every other issue that plagues Nigeria (NEPA etc), we have learnt to love and live with our lovely Muma Gee and as one man's food is another man's dog food, I'm guessing some 'foodie' people like this outfit so much and can't wait to copy it in Ankara..
My advice? Don't do it - It wont turn out like those Vlisco adverts, just let this one go! Nigeria has room for just one Muma Gee besides the Fashion Police are now on the streets of Lagos, if you are not MUMA GEE, you will get rumbled. 
As for the golden Amigo's hair..Dang! I'm completely speechless... !!!
Ladies and Studs, this week on Seriously Doughnuts' Sack your Stylist, we give you the Un-sackable Self-Stylist and Men's 'pants' Designer, Muma Gee...
But just in case you didn't notice..She actually has a very beautiful face...
Muma Gee as our peeps say.."SD dey hail oh"
The back view.. you like?



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