Thursday, February 10, 2011


‘Thinking outside the box’ isn’t new to us in fact in Naija we live outside the box and have become accustomed to creating unconventional solutions for conventional know what they say..’where there is a will, there is a way’
These days in Lagos..your car will get towed away and slapped with a fine by LASTMA (Lagos State Transport Management Agency) if it causes any form of obstruction and there are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.This includes dropping off a passenger, ignorance and breakdowns. The idea is to keep Lagos moving and ease the traffic gridlock Lagos is now notorious for. If you get caught by LASTMA be sure that you will part with no less than N25,000 (circa £100) in fines and towing vehicle payments. Unfair as that may sound (especially when your car breaks down without warning), it does actually help to keep Lagos moving especially as people are scared of LASTMA agents.These guys are Governor Fashola’s super-efficient, incorruptible, unrepentant power-happy traffic police. Get caught by them and they will efficiently mess up our day in a manner that you will never repeat the action that led you to their net.

But Lagosians are quick thinking and not even LASTMA can hold them down..Check out the picture I took on my phone on Carter bridge. When the red car in the picture broke down, rather than stopping and getting caught by LASTMA, the quick thinking driver waved down 2 Okada riders, who rode one on each side of the car pushing the car down the bridge with one leg on the back powered by their motorbikes creating a super-human powered ‘towing vehicle’ effect. It probably cost the driver no more than N500 (about £2) as against LASTMA's heavy fines and a day at their doghouse..

Trust me guys, my ‘country men’ will find a way around anything you throw at them..including LASTMA!
Diaspora Naijaa’s ...don’t worry about us...we think on our feet! Down here in Naija..there is a will...we will certainly find a way...

In Lagos...we are SeriouslyDoughnuts™

We will be just fine...LOL!!!

Eko o ni baje o!

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