Friday, February 11, 2011

SD FASHION TREND: Lagos Ladies Love it Puffy....

Gorgeous, Omotola Jalade rocking her puffy cocktail dress
 looking very 'girly'...we likey!
Naija ladies and fashion go hand in still amazes me how overnight a fad can quickly gain country-wide appeal and acceptance..I remember many years ago (1990s) when ‘Clogs’ were so in vogue.Everyone had at least a pair while the true die-hard fashionistas had them in series of colours.Those were the dark days of fashion...we all looked ridiculous but we thought we were the juice! Thank God fashion has moved leaps and bounds since then.These days fashion is classier and more elegant or is it? I have noticed so many trends since I got here from Hermes bag ladies to Christian Louboutin steppers..Fake or the real deal?...That’s gist for another day..LOL!

Nollywood's Genevieve Nnaji puffs her fashion and style siren as usual..she stands out in a crowd, a short dress? unbelievable.. but she looks fab though! Trendsetter and Fashion Designer, Bridget Awosika looks stunning in one her puffy creations..
Eku Edewor loves her
puffy cocktail dress super

The hottest trend in Naija this short and puffy! Forget whoever is looking..short dresses are the hottest thing in Naija, even on the red carpet where long flowing gowns are customary, Naija ladies are breaking the mould, happily showing some flesh and ‘puffing’ their way to fashion heaven..

I have to say, I kinda like the look... Puffy dresses have a ‘princess’ type appeal..Maybe ladies never outgrow their childhood princess fantasies (I know I haven’t) or maybe its catching on because it exaggerates the feminine form ..whatever it is, these Naija trendsetters all certainly looked HOT on the night! Ladies..GET YOUR PUFF PUFF ON!
SeriouslyDoughnuts Hottest Trend: Puffy Cocktail Dresses!

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