Thursday, February 17, 2011


Grrrrrhhhh! I still can't believe I missed Industry Nite @ Tribeca last night. It was a special valentine concert featuring Mr Capable..Banky W. I really, really wanted to be there to see him live in concert and also to see my friend, Jibola Olubiyi of SWE Bar.
I keep telling myself I wasn't meant to be there cos yesterday all the odds were stacked against me..

First, it was on a 'wednesday night'... a bit tricky with work the next day.. Hmm! OK, no biggie this is work for me so I thought, fair enough but then my driver pulled a joker on me..No Show! 
I refuse to drive in Lagos, it's way too scary so I loaned my mother's driver but his working day ends at 5pm(ideally)..Crumbs! 
Still I was determined to go, so I made a few calls and the car situation was sorted - A friend agreed to pick me up…Phew! 
Thinking that was me sorted..I smiled. Now all I had to do was get home from work, change and be off to the concert of the year. Yipee!  So I packed my work bag, cleared my desk still smiling to the car but absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the traffic ahead. For the next 3 hours I sat in traffic (no yipee!), while I kept clock watching..The event was due to start at 8pm…hmmm …"how would I have enough time to get changed? " I kept asking myself but I was unusually calm…I finally got home at 7:45pm and even if I moved at the speed of light it would have still taken me at least 1 hour and 30minutes to get ready (usually takes me like 2 hours on a good day. You know makeup, try on different clothes..etc, etc, Oh well, a  girl has to look good, right?)  I wasn't too keen on leaving for a concert at 9pm with all the Lagos madness,traffic, robberies, kidnappings etc etc..but still I considered making an exception for Banky W but what finally put paid to my wednesday night in bed was my beloved Blackberry. The battery was on the last amber bar! I closed my eyes and hoped the charger was in my bag as I quickly rummaged through but noooo…I left it on my desk at work!!!!! Ahhhhhhh! 
Zero battery life equals Zero communication, Zero contact with friends, Zero emergency get my drift? and yes I had a Zero night in…:( I'm guessing it was a fabulous event afterall Banky  is a great singer but hey..I will certainly score higher than a Zero for effort but unfortunately on this occasion I have Zero to report…sowwy :(
Now Mr Capable-Banky W, surely you are capable of holding another concert soon, but please make it happen midday on a Saturday..I'm getting too old to rock midweek. If you do, I promise I'll come with a gang of peeps like me that prefer to rock when its not so dark...LOL! 

Meanwhile your CD on playback, Suya (strictly from Megaplaza) and a can of coke will have to make do…

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  1. Ah, you missed! I'm waiting for the day he comes to our area, I love Stong thing.


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